BLOCK OF THE MONTH September 2018

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6 September 2018

Block of the Month
September 2018
Red & Blue Split 4 Patch Blocks
By Sandy
We often need RED AND BLUE BLOCKS to meet the Requests of our Aussie Heroes.
If it looks familiar, we did this block back in April 2016
This time the block can be made from ANY BLUE and ANY RED.
Light blue, mid blue or dark blue
but please, NO aqua or teal!
Fabrics can be printed with a pattern, geometric designs or shapes, stripes, 
tone-on-tone prints or even plain colour.
The printing can be black or white
red printing on blue fabric or blue printing on red fabric
red printing on a white background
blue printing on a white background
So many choices…have fun choosing! 

The majority of our quilts are made for men, so please keep the printed patterns gender neutral. 

This versatile block can be assembled many different ways creating very exciting quilts.  At the end of the Tutorial you’ll find several different examples.  
You might like to try these blocks in your own quilts, even in other colour ways.


Cut strip of each fabric 15 inch long x 3 1/4 inch wide
Place right sides together and sew 1/4 inch seam 
then press both seam allowances to one side

Cut 4 pieces from the strip 3 1/4 inch wide

Make 2 squares by sewing two of the cut pieces together. 
Cut a square of red fabric 6 3/8 inch x 6 3/8 inch
Cut a square of blue fabric 6 3/8 inch x 6 3/8 inch

Clearly draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the red fabric 
Place the red and blue squares with right sides together and pin either side of the drawn line 
leaving room for the machine foot to pass without removing pins
Place the quarter inch foot along the drawn line and stitch a seam
Repeat for the other side of the line

Cut along the drawn line between the seams
Press each square carefully, so as not to stretch it into a “kite”

Layout the four squares to form a block as shown
Sew two squares together forming a rectangle then repeat for the remaining two squares
Press the seam allowance to opposite sides
Join these two pieces together, with their seams in the middle “locked” as they go opposite directions
Press the seam allowance to one side and there you have it.
Please don’t trim any uneven edges 
as ALL blocks are trimmed to make them exactly the size needed for each 
quilt that is designed to meet a Hero’s Requests.
Please post your blocks to
Sandy Corry
9 Wendouree Court
North Boambee Valley   NSW   2450
Include your email address and I will notify you when your blocks arrive.  Or watch the Wednesday Happy Mail Post to see blocks that have arrived in the previous week.
Thank you SO much for kindly making blocks of the month. The Coffs Harbour Sewing Team love creating quilts using them, to meet the Requests of our Aussie Heroes.

Until next time,


This beautiful traditional block can be assembled in so many ways.  
Here are a few suggestions for you to try in your quilts for Aussie Heroes or your family quilts…

PDF Version of this Block Of The Month can be found HERE

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