I had already decided to base tonight’s post on more Aussie Laundry bags to inspire everyone to get into the Australia Day Laundry Bag Challenge but then the following three thank you emails were received  – all for laundry bags!

My name is XXXXXX and I am currently serving in Afghanistan. I just received a lovely hand made clothes bag from Janine in QLD.
I would just like to pass on my gratitude and personal thanks for this lovely and kind gesture. It has certainly put a smile on my face!

Thank you once again to everyone who contributes to sending this homemade beautiful creations to us. It really does make a difference.
Dear Janine, 

I received you laundry bag today what a surprise. I would like to thank you very much.

I have been deployed here now for 122 days and I have 105 days to go, not counting……………..over half way!

The weather here is very cold at the moment I hear the temperatures in Australia are really hot.

I think the work you and your colleagues do is outstanding and great for the moral of all soldiers. If Im ever in QLD I will buy you a drink!

Sorry its a bit short, take care and thank you again

Dear Jan-Maree,

I wanted to take the time to write my thanks to you and that I really appreciate all the trouble you took to make me such a wonderful generous gift.   The Porky VII laundry bag will be a great help and is a pleasant reminder of the kind generosity given from Australians back home.  These words cannot fully express how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but once again THANKS.
I won’t be posting any pics of the Challenge Laundry Bags until the 26th of January – AUSTRALIA DAY – but just to inspire you I thought I would look back through our laundry bag archives and show you some from the past that would fit the bill.  And while we are talking about posting photos, if at all possible, if you are planning on making multiple laundry bags of an Aussie theme can you please try and take pictures featuring more than one bag at a time – it will make it easier for me to upload lots of them and will take up less space.

In case you can’t remember the details of the challenge here they are again.
This year I want to do something different for Australia Day.    
On Saturday the 26th of January I want to post pictures of as many laundry bags as possible, but not just any laundry bags – 

Laundry bags with an Aussie Flavour!

They don’t take long to make so I think between now and Saturday week we should see how many we can rustle up with some sort of Aussie theme.  

Aussie fabric

Aussie icons appliqued

Aussie flag panels or teatowels

Aussie Words

They can be spare ones to send off separately to my distributors or they could be ones that are being made to accompany quilts that you are already doing.  They do not have to be posted off next week if you are saving them to go with a quilt – they just have to be finished so that I can post a photo.

To be included in the blog all photos need to be emailed to me no later than 10am Sydney time on the 26th. 
All laundry bags must have SOMETHING on them that is specifically Australian. Australian Football or Rugby Team logos do not count – sorry.

If you haven’t made a laundry bag before then now is your chance to give it a go!  They are really quite easy!

How many do you think we can make between now and the

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!