Aussie Hero Quilts Annual Thank You Dinner… everything you need to know…..

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20 August 2017

Hi All, 

I thought it might be useful to put all the information about our dinner into the one post to make it simpler for you.   For those that are coming, you will receive an ADMIN INSTRUCTION  closer to time with ALL the info that you need written by an Army Major, (coz they really know how to write them well!) but for now, this should help. 

The Aussie Hero Quilts Annual Thank You Dinner is coming around again.   The purpose of the dinner is to show those who sew for us that they are truly appreciated by the members of the Australia Defence Force.  The event creates an opportunity for our sewers to meet and chat with members of the Navy, Army, Air Force and defence civilians in a social setting and each year the dinner has a lasting impact on the attendees.  
The dinner is the focus of the weekend but Aussie Hero volunteers will begin arriving in Canberra on Friday morning. 

Some will attend tours of ADFA and RMC Duntroon on the Friday afternoon at 1400 (2PM) . There are still a couple of spaces available for each of these tours so please email Joy if you are interested.  jo************@gm***.com

On Friday night there is a special Quilters Gathering with two guest speakers and the opportunity for a quilters’ show and tell.  I am not sure how many spaces are left for this one… but once again, email Joy if you are interested.   jo************@gm***.com  The cost is only $15 and includes tea and coffee. This is held at the Diplomat hotel and starts at 1930 (730pm)

Saturday is free for visits to Floriade or the War Memorial – or even quilt fabric shops (a list will be in your Admin Instruction).  The focus of the weekend will be the Dinner on Saturday night.

The weekend will wind up with a brunch at Poppy’s at 0930 at the Australian War Memorial.  This is a pay as you eat arrangement but please email Joy  jo************@gm***.com if you wish to attend so that we can keep the Cafe informed of the numbers to expect.
Quilters are traveling to Canberra from all over Australia from all over the country, from WA to QLD, SA and Victoria. This is the sixth year we have had a dinner, the first being 20 people at the Hornsby RSL in 2017.  This year we are hoping for around 200 guests. 
We would love it if you could join us. This is open to all those who sew for us, support us, have received quilts or laundry bags from us or just appreciate what we do.   If you are a newby quilter then don’t miss out, you will be sorry. 
Where and When for the Dinner
ADFA Officers’ Mess
1830 till 2230
Saturday 14 October 2017
Please note, this is an all ranks function as Aussie Heroes supports all ranks
The evening will be a cocktail style event with your meal, tea and coffee included in the price. Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase at the bar though we are hoping to have some donated wine available for your enjoyment.
Navy: W2 Winter Ceremonial with medals
Army: 1B Ceremonial Service Dress with medals
Air Force: 4A Ceremonial Dress with medals
Civilian Equivalent  
I know this dress is rather formal but this is part of the gift to the quilters, many of whom rarely meet a recipient, let alone see one in uniform.  This will be a very special experience for them.

Ticket purchase

Tickets cost $50 per person.  This cost will cover the cost of food, soft drinks, tea and coffee as well as minimal expenses involved in running the event.  There is no fund-raising component included.
Please email Joy at jo************@gm***.com in order to confirm your attendance as numbers are limited to 200.  If you are a serving member please advise Joy also.
Registering will allow Joy to confirm there are still tickets available.  Once registered please then deposit the cost of your tickets to the Aussie Hero Bank Account as follows.
Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags)
BSB 032 376
ACCT 301 860

Please ensure you reference your deposit with your surname, and if possible, DINNER.

Finally, please email a copy of your receipt to both Joy (email above) and I (fr**********@gm***.com)
Additional information about the night

Auction – Quilts

We are still confirming all the Auction items but at this stage I can confirm that we will have three, possibly four quilts on offer, including the option to commission your own quilt in a design of your choice.  This is a rare opportunity to purchase an Aussie Hero Quilts.  They are rarely put up for sale. 

Auction – Simulator Flights 

We have been given the opportunity to offer a ride in the Hawk Simulator and the Hornet Simulator at RAAF Base Williamtown.   This is not an experience that is usually open to the public or to military members and therefore is a very special opportunity.  Each ride opportunity will be auctioned separately.  
Christmas Care Package Contributions.

Last year at the dinner we collected lots of goodies which were then packed into care packages and sent off to the chaplains to hand out at Christmas time.  This year, with everyone’s support, we would like to do the same.  

This year, however, we will be giving the goodies collected to the Aberdeen Care Package Cadets so that they can pack up Christmas boxes to send off.  If you don’t know who the Care Packages Cadets are you can check them out on their Facebook page. (Aberdeen Care Package Cadets) 

They have been sending personalised Care Packages off to the sailors, soldiers, airmen and airwomen for several years now.   This group punches well above their weight. They are coordinated by Carole and Bob, both retirees, who coordinate the efforts of 6 Yr 6 and Yr7 boys. They receive support from their little town, raise funds and rattle tins at fetes and markets in order to have enough money to pack their boxes.   Their latest challenge is to send a personal care package to every sailor on board HMAS Newcastle.  In the past they have done entire special forces deployments,  other whole ships, Force Protection Elements and all our Peacekeepers.   

They are currently short on funds and with Christmas coming up it will be great to send them back to Aberdeen with a truckload of goodies.

The following is a list of things that Carole and Bob would love you to choose from if you are able to bring some goodies along with you.  Perhaps not all the Christmas things will be available but it is worth listing them as some shops get things in very early. 

Mini Christmas puddings –  individual serve size
Mini Christmas cake –  individual serve size
Small long life custard
Small long life cream
Aussie lollies as listed – we mix these up and make little lolly bags:
Red Skins
Choo Choo Bars
Fruit Bon Bons
Fruit Chews
Single serve packets of Coloured Popcorn and Pretzels
Mixed Rice nibbles
Beer Nuts
Honey Cashews(for the girls)
Light unbreakable Christmas decorations to hang
Not Baubles  (we make our own baubles and put the recipients name on them I have them already to paint)
If these are not available at the time then these might be an option as well as any personal hygiene goods.
Nice hand cream for the girls
Face Balm for the men
Pretty Shower caps $3 at Reject shop
Shave Gel for the men
Mini board games, draughts, checkers, chess. These are the travel ones, they love them, they are light and they are easily stored and posted.

If you would like to contribute any of the above it would be much appreciated but is not expected.  

I urge you to seriously consider coming as it is bound to be a great night and I would hate you to regret it later… especially when you read the blog and see all the pics afterwards…. 

Till next time…. keep spreading the word, happy stitching and think about joining us on the 14th of October.


Jan-Maree xxx

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