And a good night was had by all…………

Written by AHQ

12 March 2014

Oh what a night!

As per usual our Aussie Hero Dinner was a great night, but then you can’t go wrong with great company, a common passion and an abundance of great food and a little wine.  

I am really cranky that I did not get more photos, but it is really hard to get around to talk to everyone, as well as remember to take photos.  Next time I think I will have to nominate one of the husbands to act as Duty Photographer.

We started the night with a little champas….as you do….thanks to Chelly who brought a couple of bottles!  This is Lisa, whose fiance, Phil, was going to come last night but was taken ill.  He has to go para training today – hope he is feeling better.   

We were joined last night by the very obliging Dave, his fiance, Brooke, Liz and Stephanie T.  Dave received his quilt when he came home from his deployment as his time had been cut short and it was too risky to post it over to him.  We really appreciated this lovely engaged couple joining us last night, especially as they are jetting off to HAWAII on Saturday to get married!!!

We wish you all the best for the big day Dave and Brooke and, especially for the future!

I will get back to Liz a little later and I am sure you will remember Stephanie T.  Stephanie not only makes quilts for us, she also takes quilts ten at a time to quilt for me and then hands them back to me, usually with the binding cut and ready to go, and takes another ten!

Dave was kind enough to bring his quilt along so that I could take a photo of him for Lynn who made the quilt top after I sent her the appliques.  Lynn could not make it last night so this was a bonus just for her.

And now to Liz.  It just so happens that Liz was my point of contact for the Aussie Peacekeepers in South Sudan in the first part of last year.  She received a quilt from Margaret R and says it now sits proudly on her sofa and she loves it.  Liz also mentioned that she still keeps the letter than came with it as well.

Thanks so much for coming Liz.

Dinner was lovely.  We had nibblies and then there was so much to choose from for the main course – chicken, chilli, veal, egg plant, mini quiches in three different flavours, salads, roast veggies, bread and so much more.  I know I have forgotten some of the dishes and I know I didn’t get to try everything either though I had intended to go back for some more. 

Desert was a pavlova from Brooke, a yummy looking slice from Rita and a hot fruit salad which I made.   
Of course there was icecream and cream as well.

If there is one thing you can usually count on with  a gathering of quilters is lots of yummy food!

This group includes
from the left,
Robin and his wife Joan – one of our laundry bag experts
then Caroline in the black with Debbie in the orange and white standing behind her.
Next is Lisa and peeking out from behind is Chaplain Mark.
Chelly in the front with her bottle of Lab wine (Chelly is a very devoted Mum to two chocolate labradors!) and last  but not least on the right we have Rita C.

I had intended to get a group shot of everyone but it just didn’t happen so apologies to those who don’t appear in any of the shots.

On Monday I decided this was a good opportunity to do something a little different so I asked everyone who had the appropriate fabric to bring along a 6 1/2″ strip of a floral fabric so that we could see if we could make a quilt top on the night.   Evelyn even agreed to applique the name of the recipient on the one of the strips that she brought along and all the strips were arranged in the design wall.  Of course I did see the quilt top on the design wall and it looked really pretty but I was not quick enough to get a picture of it before the ladies started sewing it together.

It wasn’t too long and the top was made and being pressed.  Rita C bought enough of a gorgeous piece of fabric for a strip for the quilt and some for the laundry bag.  Evelyn “volunteered” to take the material home to make the laundry bag!  Kim M kindly agreed to take the quilt home and quilt flowers all over it on her longarm machine.  I pronounce this endeavour as a wonderful success and I think we just might have to do this again. 

I managed to snap a pic of Robin sewing but I suspect there may have been others who had a turn,

Can’t end this post without a thought for Dasha who as kind enough to step in to coordinate the dinner.  She even rearranged her schedule and postponed a commitment she had for the day time till today so that she would be able to make it last night.  Unfortunately though she fell ill and just could not make it last night so had to miss out.  

Thanks for all your efforts coordinating the menu and attendees Dasha.  Hope you are feeling better soon!

Seeing as I have devoted tonight’s post the the Dinner write up tomorrow night’s post will be the Happy Mail Post.  How are you going with your Blocks of the Month?

Till next time …………………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Dasha

    I was so absolutely peeved that I missed out on the dinner Jan-Maree! Still abed, after 2 visits to the doc so I wasn't skiving off. 🙁


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