What a night last night!  I was made to feel very welcome by all from the West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Rotary Club.  They said they enjoyed my presentation and I have actually been invited to speak to two other groups. YAY!    I took two quilts to show them and at the end of my presentation one of them suggested they auction a quilt to raise funds for us.  Their first choice was one of Tarnyia’s gorgeous WWQs but I said I couldn’t do that without speaking to the quilter first and it was made especially for a WWQ.  The other quilt I had with me was this one.

For the new followers this is a BOM from April.  Guess how much we got for it!

$200.  Not bad for an impromptu auction in a small room!  That will buy a lot of batting!
I hope you are all happy with that.  I am as we are just about to need to buy some more and with all the quilt tops we have here in Sydney we are going to need it sooner rather than later.

And now to BOMs!

Oh my goodness!  So many BOMs.  I don’t have an accurate count but just this week so far I received 184!  Not sure what state my post office box will be in by the time I get home from my three days away.  Might have to call in there on the way home while my son is with me so that he can give me a hand to carry all the parcels.

Now I didn’t have time to put ALL 178 blocks on the design wall to take photos but I put one or two of every combination up so you get the idea.  

Bernice from SA sent in these ones.  She apologized for sending only 48!    

These came from Jodie from WA (Go the Sandgropers of which I am one!)  Jodie sent in 64!

Finally Tarnyia sent over another 64!  Another Sandgroper too I might add!

I can’t wait till the weekend. I am going to start sorting these into groups for quilts.  I have to do the maths but I am thinking 32 to a quilt (maybe 40 depending on what size they are trimmed to).  Need to check but I expect 4 by 8 with borders will make the right size.  At the moment we will have enough blocks for about 8 quilts!

These three groups are going to look great together as will lots of the other ones I have received!

And finally…..a Thank you or two… 

First one for Chris

I received your quilt today, thank you so much. It is gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for !
I asked for something with animals and colourful πŸ™‚ So I got my wish….
Please accept my sincerest thanks for your quilt and hard work and thoughts. Let me assure you all that your deeds do not go unnoticed and I hear many conversation of people talking about their quilts/laundry bags and how much they love them !! 

Thank you once again, 

And then one for Jill

I would like to thank you for the quilt you made me, which arrived today! I absolutely love it, and the meaning behind it. The time and effort, and your kindness, is truly appreciated and I cannot thank you enough. This quilt will forever be special to me, and will remind me that there are people out there who were thinking of us and were so kind to give to someone they don’t know.
Again, thank you so much. This gift means so much to me

One for Melissa

I would like to thank you for the laundry bag you made for me, it’s awesome! I was very surprised to receive it, as I wasn’t expecting it. I really appreciate the timeout you took to make it for me and will always remember your kindness. The bag will always have special meaning to me, especially since the making of it was a family affair.

And this from a Mum…..

I am getting so excited about the quilts being made for XXXXX and XXXXX. Am I right in thinking that I saw their laundry bags on a post a few days back- made by Jill? If I am, then I am amazed and I will tell you why! XXXXX is a XXXXX(name of town)  boy – he loves to fish when he comes home and spend time at the beach. The beach played a big part of his life growing up- and β€œhis” bag(?) was the one with the fish all over it!
He will be turning 21 when he is still in Afghanistan and XXXXX has agreed to be co conspirator in helping me to throw him a surprise birthday celebration. I am so grateful that he will also be receiving a quilt. 
Thank you so much for all Aussie Hero Quilts are doing for our sons and daughters serving overseas,

Keep sewing ladies!

Till next time…………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!