Accommodation Canberra…. No more room at the Inn, or at least at the Diplomat……

Written by AHQ

21 July 2017


I have just been advised that the Diplomat is booked out.   I am not surprised as so many people have wanted to stay there.   I am sorry that I do not have any other recommendations for you but I do know that some people are staying at the Mecure so perhaps you could give that a try. I won’t be arranging another special deal as I do not believe that we will be able so get enough numbers for a second hotel.

If you find something and you are not sure how good it is just ask the question on the AHQ Facebook page. There are lots of Canberra people on that page and they will give you some advice if they can.

Friday night…
As of early this morning we still had a couple of spots left for the Friday night – get in quick if you want to come a long. 

Cheers for now…..

Jan-Maree xx

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