A special thank you to the members of the Little Mountain Quiilters from Buderim

Written by ahq_admin

9 September 2018

One of the quilts made by the Little Mountain Quilters has found a very grateful home but I cannot find any contact details for the group and I would love them to know that their lovely quilt has been appreciated. 

If you happen to know of them can you please show this to them?   This is from one of the Management Team for the Aussie Invictus Games Team.

Hi Jan-Maree and fellow Quilter’s,
May I pass on my sincere thanks for the lovely quilt and laundry bag I received from your organisation, as I was not there for the official presentation, it was only passed onto me a few weeks ago.
I am still serving and the Invictus training is a passionate past-time, which I hope will lead the team to a medal in Sydney.
It is extremely humbling to receive such a wonderful gift from you and your team and will be a valued possession for years to come.

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Maria

    Great quilt …


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