A Quick House Update…. we have a roof…. almost… and walls, well partially…..

Written by AHQ

15 September 2017

Quick update, 
Lots of progress. We have garage walls. The bricks won’t stay that pale, they will eventually be cleaned and I am looking forward to seeing what they actually look like. 
In the first photo you an see the garage has walls.  The room at the front of the house is theoretically the lounge dining room….. lol… as if… that is actually the HQ AHQ… there are two double windows and two single windows… all that space for AHQ. 

This is another view of the HQ from the other side. Don’t worry, it will all make perfect sense eventually.

So, some progress is good to see…. the last words I say to my fabulous builder, David, every time I see him are “Hurry Up” and he laughs as me but so far so good. I asked him when he thought it would be ready, coz everyone keeps asking me, and he said he does not even think about that till the roof is on and that is fine with me. We have agreed that I better be in the house before the 2nd Anniversary of the fire! 

Let’s hope so!

and before I go, thanks again to all of you who are cheering my family and I on. Even now, over a year later, it means so much to know we have your well wishes.   Every time someone checks up on me or the house it really does warm the heart. I am very grateful to be part of such a very special community.   Thank you.

Till next time…. fingers crossed for fine weather a little while longer….


Jan-Maree xx

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  1. kiwikid

    Wonderful to see the progress.

  2. Maria

    Nice to see the progress Jan-Maree.
    Lets hope you are settled in by the 2nd anniversary..

  3. Robyn Hanstock

    Wonderful to see so much progress for you and your family, you will enjoy it so much when it's finished and you're all finally home again. We'll miss you tomorrow at the Penrith Sewing Day!


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