That is true.  You don’t have to be able to sew to contribute to Aussie Heroes.  Last night I received an email from Jan  – this is some of what she said….

Hi Jan-Maree,
I have been reading along for a while (read back to the beginning, too) but have been unable to do anything with fabric as my husband and I are travelling in a car and caravan, and I have limited space for handwork. I hope to make a quilt when I return home at the end of the year.
One thing I thought I could do is send on this picture which my sister found on the net (but has no idea where). It may possibly be American rather than Australian – one of your contacts could tell you this, and, if so, could probably replace it with an Aussie picture.
Anyhow, the image, and the words are perfect for Aussie Hero Quilts, and I hope you use them in one of your posts, or maybe a blog header.

As Jan said she didn’t know where the picture came from so I was a bit unsure about using it on the blog but I loved the wording!  So sent and email off to the lovely Warrant Officer’s wife, Jennie.  I asked her if it were possible to get a picture of the lovely Warrant Officer’s dog tags without showing his personal details.  Well, I mean to say, who else do I know that wears dog tags?  As luck would have it the lovely Warrant Officer happened to be off buying new uniforms at that moment so she managed to get him to take a picture with new dog tags on- ie. no personal details on them!  Perfect!

Now, I am no photoshop wizard trust me!  But I eventually worked out how to get words on there (bent the brain a bit really) and now we have an Aussie Version of the picture.  What do you think?  I am sure someone out there could do better and I would love it if one of you clever people tried but I love this saying and I would love to be able to use when appropriate.

What do you think?  I agree with Jan – the words are perfect for Aussie Heroes!


Northern NSW and Queensland!  Standby to Receive!
(Hee hee just kidding!)
One of the Turramurra Twins, Carol is about to head north in a motorhome (a retired Federal Police Bomb Squad Surveillance Truck actually!) in the next few weeks. If she happens to be in town when some of you are sewing she would love to join in, whether it is for Aussie Heroes or just a regular sewing day,  but she needs to know things are happening.  If you are happy for me to give her your contact details to a pass on to her please let me know.  She is one of my staunchest Aussie Hero Supporters.  If you meet Carol you are more than likely going to walk away with one of my business cards in your hand!

Carol is the one on the right (and she still hasn’t forgiven me for this photo!)

Do you remember that I showed you some blocks that we received from America from a lovely lady who writes a blog called Aunt Spicy ?

She sent about two yards of fabric as well.

Well check this out!  She wrote a lovely post entitled “Aussie Heroes and other ways to give.”  Why don’t you visit her blog and say hello.  We need to show our appreciation to those that support us.

We are hitting the airwaves baby!

Nearly forgot to tell you – there is word out that next week there will be an interview on WIN TV in SA about 25 quilts that have been made by the wonderful ladies in Berri!   Naomi will be our spokesperson!

And Sue in Mt Gambier spoke to Ewan Mc Gregor (not the actor but the breakfast radio host) this morning. She will be going in to 5SE fm mid next week to discuss Aussie Heroes LIVE one day next week!  Woo Hoo!!!

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!