Update on our Wounded Warrior

I was delighted and felt very privileged  to receive this update on one of our special Wounded Warriors this weekend.

Hi Jan-Maree, I know you don’t expect photos of all your quilts’ locations but I took this picture of the quilt at a different hospital where my husband has gone for surgery.  We had a new bunch of nurses that we could explain its origins and the stuff that “Aussie Hero Quilts” does.

I was telling his physiotherapist about you guys and she said her mother, who is part of a group – rotary or something else – but she said that someone came to speak at her group about sending quilts and laundry bags.  A small world.

Small world indeed – that must have been the talk I gave to the Rotary Club recently.  You just never know who are you are going to reach when you talk about Aussie Heroes!

They are right.  I do not expect photos of where ever the quilts go, but I LOVE getting them.  I am so pleased that the size seems to be just right for what it is needed for.  It is just so good to see that the quilt is serving its purpose, not only to cover and warm, but also to raise the spirits.   I never thought about our Wounded Warriors spreading the word, but I am so touched that they do.  I know, once again, I can say that all of the Aussie Hero Friends will be sending prayers or good wishes their way.

Proof that Aussie Heroes don’t wear capes they wear dog tags

This fellow will blush (I know this as he tells me I have already made him blush!) when I say this but this email is one of my favourite thank you messages so far.  This relates to a quilt that Liz H from WA sent over.
The quilt arrived today. What a fantastic quilt, I am speechless to the quality, to call it a scrap quilt just does not do it justice.
I hope you don’t mind but I gave it to one of my soldiers that is just about to go out to one of the patrol bases and he has only a summer weight sleeping bag. He certainly needs it more than I at the moment, night temperatures are getting down to 5 deg and below now.
Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, what you ladies are doing is fantastic. Please pass on my gratitude to them all.
Keep safe and bless you all

What a gorgeous, selfless man.  Could we not do with more like him in this county! 
Before you ask, I headed to the post office yesterday morning with a second quilt for this Hero.  There is just enough time to get one to him.

Seriously – who would head over to winter in Afghanistan with only a summer weight sleeping bag and why are we not issuing these blokes with appropriate gear – why do they have to provide it?

Finally, speaking as a MUM, guys if you are heading over in the near future please ask around and find out what you need and take the right gear!  Our quilts are good but they are no match for the snow and the cold that you will experience over there!

Only a very few items of the loads that we have sent to HMAS ANZAC have made it through so far.  Karen B received a thoughtful hand written thank you letter from this young man and I have type up part to share with you.

I would like to thank you for taking time to make a laundry bag and pillowcase that I received after our last port visit.  You probably do not realize but to receive gifts like this lifts morale and makes one feel appreciated in the past that we are doing under hazardous conditions.
Once again, thank you 

Did you know it is actually easier to get mail to those in Afghanistan that it is to those on HMAS ANZAC?  A very small mail delivery made it in mid October, another was due around ten days later and it was supposed to be a big one, but it didn’t happen, probably because they were too busy keeping the shipping lanes free!  Now they have to wait till mid to late November!  I guess they are used to it but I am not sure I would be so patient!
Please be encouraged, if you are working on an ANZAC quilt to get it in the mail sooner rather than later (if you can) so that it makes it to the ship.  I want to send the Chaplains quilt off in the next week or so and even though it is late October there is no way to know if it will make it in time for Christmas!

I have three more lovely thank you messages for tonight!  

First up these ladies combined to send a fabulous quilt (Liz), Eagles laundry bag (Marg) and care package to this lucky but very deserving fellow.

Hi Liz and Marg,
WOW.   I just received my quilt, laundry bag and care package just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better.   It is such an awesome thing to receive not one, but two, items like that, especially when one has the West Coast Eagles’ emblem beautifully embroidered.  They are truly sensational and I can’t thank you both enough. The winter months are rapidly approaching and the quilt will be sure to get some serious use and laundry will now be high on the agenda.
What a shame (but lucky for me) that this is the last of the production. ( he is referring to Marg’s FINAL Eagles laundry bag)  XXXXXXX (his mate who requested the laundry bag for him) looked after me well with the timing of this order that’s for sure.
Thanks again guys, I really, really, really appreciate it.
Yours gratefully
The next two messages were posted on Facebook but I am sharing it here so that all you non-FB ladies can enjoy it too!  This first one relates to quilt that Nancy sent off from Kalgoorlie.

I just want to say thankyou,I received my quilt last week and so appreciate it.The difference you guys make to us over here means a lot. Keep up the good work and again thankyou.

This one relates to a quilt that Tracey sent off.

HI, Just letting you know that the quilt that you sent off for my Nans friends son was recieved. He is greatly appreciative and says a HUGE THANKYOU!!!!!! 
He will be taking a picture so I can post it on here.


Update on the Sydney AHQ dinner.
WOW!!!  I am so delighted by the number of you who are keen to attend, especially from interstate!   The date is set for Saturday the 8th of December.   
Email Caroline (aka Deputy Nut) if you can make it.  

The end of the month is coming up.  I am dying to see what new BOM blocks have arrived at Naomi’s this week – only another few days to go till the new November BOM block is released.  I think you are going to like it and Kylie has already picked the December BOM and I am sure you are going to like that one too!

Great work this last week everyone.   
Hope you have all had a great weekend.

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!