I asked this question on the Facebook page and thought I would ask it again here as there are lots of people who only follow one or the other.  How about leaving a comment and letting me know how you found out about Aussie Heroes.  I am trying to gauge what methods of spreading the word are most effective?
And look what one of those lovely facebook followers who commented put me on to : An article in the Central Western Daily, which I guess it their local paper, about Patchwork Orange’s involvement in Aussie Heroes! You can read it all here or you can take my word for it – it is a great article and if I am not mistaken the author is one of the Facebook followers!
Not long after I found out about the article I received an email from Lucy from Patchwork Orange including pictures of the twelve fabulous laundry bags being mailed by them today! Way to go Patchwork Orange!
Now for something different. Remember this lovely soldier who went to the effort of having this photo taken and getting permission for me to publish it on my blog? 
Do you remember me saying that he was going to give his quilt to his son? Well he has asked if there is any way I could arrange a more feminine quilt so he could give one to his nine month old daughter. What do you all think? I am more than happy to do a little pretty sewing for this little girl especially as I really appreciate the effort he went to arranging a picture I was allowed to publish. I was wondering if anyone else wants to get involved too. If there is enough interest then I will come up with a plan. Leave a comment if you want to be part of it.  I am thinking a combination of pretty nine patch blocks like we did last month or maybe some snowball blocks ……….- suggestions most welcome –  ……..only thing I know is I am thinking pink and pretty, girly and fun!

Don’t forget to let me know if you have or are posting off any boxes.  My first 8 went today – more tomorrow hopefully!

Pictures too please!

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!