Well, I am back and now it is time to catch up on some emails and so on.  In the mean time you have some reading to do.

I hope you like the first part of this post.  I thought it was too good and just had to share it! Peggy sent me an email with all these photos included and she called it…….

Why I Love to sew
I’ve been sewing together some BOMs into quilts lately for Aussie Hero Quilts.   
I received some BOMs last week, and was so excited about them, 
that I got into sewing straight away. 

That was only my first mistake !

I got myself organised and ‘in the mood’, audio book playing.

 Kids organised (sorta)
 Attached the V8 to the sewing machine and started my factory line …

 Miss K had to help too …

 And to the best part, the laying out.

 But wait !

 It looks better here mum

 You have no style mother

 In fact, lets just start again

 I sewed, layered & pinned this one while the kids were asleep – can’t you tell??

 Still didn’t stop Miss K from having a test run (and she brought out more fabric – does that mean she thinks its not done ?)

 The only place I could find that she couldn’t crawl, climb, or jump out of while I got the pieces set out ! 

Yep, I love to sew (when I get the chance!)

LOL!  Don’t you just love it!

Now here is the reason that I love to sew!

Another lovely thank you came in for Carolynne and this time we got a photo as well!

Finally got around to getting a photo done. Thank you very much again for the quilt and laundry bag.   You all do a great job, and everyone appreciates the time and effort you all put in for us.

By the way I love your quote on the business cards.

Do not underestimate the value of what we are doing.  Recently I met with a mum whose son is about to receive a quilt.  She has also passed on requests to me from wives for their husbands and what she has said is that we are not just boosting the morale of the guys and girls over there, but also those back here.  We are making the loved ones left behind feel a little less helpless as we are making it possible for them to do something for the person they love.  

This morning I received this email – what a lovely way to greet the day.

I spoke with my friend XXXXXX today and passed him your email address. He seemed a bit bashful (as we all are) to ask for a quilt, but I know he really would like one, so I hope he plucks up the courage to email you.  (he did) One of the girls at the camp XXXX received her quilt just recently and it has brightened up her office so beautifully. The quilts provide such a positive discussion point out here. We all feel a bit spoiled really! Our loved ones at home really enjoy looking at the blog, as do we. I know it helps my Mum knowing that there are such lovely Aussies out there who are thinking of us.
I was hoping too, I might squeeze in a sneaky request for a laundry bag? I’ve been using a woolies green bag, but it had a bad run in with the dryer yesterday and now I’m using a pillow case.
Thanks again,  from all of us 🙂

Below is a photo of the quilt mentioned above that has arrived recently.  This was made by Chris.  And of course the laundry bag is being taken care of!  In fact I am sending a box of laundry bags off tomorrow as it will be a couple of weeks before the quilt is ready to send!

Caroline also received a gorgeous thank you and this time for a laundry bag.  This fellow wrote a gorgeous email and I wish I could have included all of it but I am always hopeful that none of the guys and girls who write to us can be identified by what they say to us on the blog so I had to leave lots of lovely details out but you get the gist.

I am writing to pass my heartfelt thanks to you for the wonderful laundry bag you made for me.
I am a Pilot, father of two boys and married to my childhood sweetheart. I normally live on the south coast of NSW.
I deployed to the Middle East in April this year.   I am very proud of being part of the Australian effort in the Middle East, but as you would imagine, it is a difficult task that requires us to make large sacrifices, both personally and professionally. Leaving my family for eight months has been extremely challenging and I hope to be home with them soon.
Your bag arrived here during a particularly tragic time for us as we had just had five of our soldiers killed in action. As I work at the XXXXXXXXXX, I was very involved in the process and found it heart wrenching to deal with.  I deployed with the hope that I would not see a loss of any of our troops, but it was not to be.  Your laundry bag, bright and covered in stars, brought me a small piece of happiness during one of the darkest periods of my service career.
Thank you very much for your kind support of the Australian troops and our efforts to bring security and freedoms to Afghanistan. Whilst I still don’t like doing my laundry- the laundry bag you made for me will always bring a smile to my face!

Another one for Caroline

G’day Caroline.  I just received a lovely quilt and laundry bag from your self.  A massive surprise that I am so very grateful for and appreciative of the time and effort you spent for me.  Made me proud of what we are doing over here and appreciated.  Thank you very much, and I will put up a photo soon.  Thank you very much!


And as always on Thursdays my normal reminder. If you have sent a quilt or laundry bag away this week please make sure you send me an email as soon as you can so I can include it on tomorrow night’s Quilts of the Week.

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!