Hi all.  We have had a long weekend here in Sydney so I am sure there some of you who have been away for a break.  With the heavy rain we have had today and yesterday I am quite glad I  haven’t gone anywhere.  And of course I am glad I was  home to receive and share that wonderful video from Egypt last night – if you haven’ checked it out make sure you don’t miss out.

After last night’s video I hope you are all feeling as motivated as I am.  I am hopeful that in the next few weeks I will get an address or two for some of the other countries where we have soldiers, sailors or airmen serving.  Did you know that we have around 1500 troops serving in Afghanistan, and 800 serving in the Middle East.  We also have around 400 in East Timor and 80 in the Solomon Islands and some in the Sudan and Iraq.  

I know there are lots of you out there sewing away in preparation for the Christmas mailing. I think it is really important that we send quilts at Christmas time, and for the ANZAC Day mailing too for that matter, but I also think it is really important that we send quilts in between if we get the chance.  Each time a quilt arrives it boosts the morale and I think the morale needs to be boosted all year round.  I have been told by fellows who have come back that they received loads of care packages at Christmas time and ANZAC Day but they also feel that it is really important that they receive them the rest of the time.  

If I get a request for some quilts I need to know if we have the quilts available.  If I see an opportunity to offer quilts I can only do that if I know we have some under way.  What I would really like is for you guys out there to keep me in the loop.  

If you finish some quilts PLEASE  send me some photos so I can add them to the Quilts in Waiting File.   If you are having a Sewing Bee I would love it if you could let me know it is coming up and also let me know how you go on the day – I would especially love it if you could share photos of what you do – what you have made or what you have under construction so that I can tell everyone else about it to encourage others.

The Verandah Post Patch Workers from Macksville NSW had a sewing day not too long ago and when I checked in with them this is what they reported back.

We had 5 ladies in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. We were very pleased with our progress as we had chosen a block that none of us had done before. We soon worked out a system and had a great day. I have enclosed 2 photos of the day. We are trying to use a stash that is in our workroom that has been donated over time. I think we have enough for 2 for men in this fabric and I know of 4 that are being made at home with the ladies own stash. We also have a couple more laundry bags.

Great job ladies and thanks for letting me know how you are going.

Love those colours and that block.  It is going to be a great quilt!

If there are any other quilt groups or individuals out there with quilts or laundry bags underway or completed, PLEASE let me know and photos are great!

Also, is there anyone in the Sydney area (or interstate really) who would be able to help with quilting?  I am about lose one of my most prolific quilters for a holiday until October (lucky girl) and she has quilting her little heart out before she goes) but it would be great if there were others that were interested in helping out.  Just leave a comment or drop me an email if you can help.  Fancy quilting is not required.  Straight line quilting is more than acceptable. 

Phew!  I think that is about it for tonight.  Hope you are all surviving this wet weather that seems to be around a fair bit at the moment.  Good sewing weather I call it.

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!