Okey Dokey – it has been a good day.  

First up -we received our first generous donation into the bank account which is so exciting and much much appreciated.  
Thank you so much you lovely people – you know who you are.  

I finally finished writing my 30 minute presentation for Canberra Quilters and now all I have to do is transfer all the photos I want to use into a PowerPoint presentation – never done that before but thankfully my girlfriend teaches it at TAFE and she will help me!  Can you believe that one of my sons offered to help me……for a fee!!!

It seems lots of people liked my dog tag picture last night.  I would really love to see if anyone out there can do a better job than me if someone is game.  I won’t be offended seriously! 

I received some lovely girly mail today – two girly quilt tops from Edith! 

Pretty aren’t they?  And a heap of fabric which will probably be enough to back at least two quilts as well!

Thanks Edith!

To those of you who are making quilts right now – when they are finished you will have a couple of choices – baring requests coming in.  First choice is to put them aside and store them for the Christmas mailing – wouldn’t be lovely to send a few hundred this year and wrap lots more guys and gals in quilty hugs.  The second choice is to wait till after I get back from Canberra on the first weekend in Canberra and see how successful I have been at getting more address to post to.  Maybe we can send a few to the Solomon Islands and East Timor  – share the love so to speak.  I am also hopeful of being able to get more into the hospitals in Tarin Kot and Kandahar if we can.   Stay tuned and think about what you would like to do.

I must away to the sewing machine – I hear the unmistakable call of a quilt waiting for wavy lines!

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!