Weekly Dispatches 2 December 2016

Written by AHQ

2 December 2016

December… Really!!! 

What happened to this year?   At least while the time has been flying by we have also been sewing so here goes with this week’s awesome batch of quilts and laundry bags…

Quick bit of business….

If you put initials on a quilt or a quote that has been requested or a name.. can you please send me two photos. One with everything showing and one with the identifying feature covered.  That way we are less likely to spoil the surprise.

So far for 2016 we have sent off 2702 laundry bags 

which brings us to a total of 12961 since we started…


We have also sent 1320 quilts 

bringing our total since we started to over 6610 quilts

Abby N Jack

Leanne Mc created this quilt from some of our BOMs.

Cath J 



Glenda S 

Janelle S 

Janet H 

Janet Y 

Jen S 

Jess T 

Jo R 


Joanne H NSW

Joanne H QLD

Lynda A and the MUC Pilgrim Patchworkers

Lynn and quilted by Kym

Two cute Mystery Quilts pieced by Lynn and quilted by Kym

Lynn and quilted by Donna S 

Nicole W 


Rita M 
Ruth S 


 Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xxx

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