Weekly Dispatches 18 November 16

Written by AHQ

18 November 2016

Hi All

As I write this it is Thursday night and I am still in Wagga. By the time this posts around 4pm tomorrow I should just about be at the end of a five hours drive home.  I have dinner plans tomorrow night and again on Saturday night and errands to run on Saturday so please bear with me if it takes a while to get to emails. 

My host, the good Chaplain headed off to a Dining In Night tonight.  Seeing him in his Red Sea Rig (that is the uniform he is wearing) brings back lots of memories of all the dining ins I attended when in the service. It must be 25 years since I attended one.  Are they still as much fun as they used to be?   I guess that is something else that I should write blog post about sometime.   Dining In Nights, I am sure, are specific to the services, formal dinners with lots of special traditions. 

Once again I had to take one for the team and have a photo taken so that you civilian ladies could see an example of the RAAF Red Sea Rig… that is my story and I am sticking to it!

On with this week’s show and tell.  Some lovely quilts and bags again, as usual.


So far for 2043 we have sent off 2636 laundry bags 

which brings us to a total of 12896 since we started…


We have also sent 1279 quilts 

bringing our total since we started to over 6569 quilts


Jacqui S 

Joy H 

Katie and quilted by Lisa N 

Michelle B 
Mystery Quilt, top by Lynn and quilted by Covers of Love. NOTE the awesome wonky blocks!

Rita M 

Ruth S 

Sandy C 

 Anne H 
BOMs and put together by Bev, quilted by Philomena

Carol W 

Till next time…… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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