The tally so far-

 20 quilts this week and 31 laundry bags.

345 quilts and 736 laundry bags for 2013

1362 quilts and 2110 laundry bags in total.

So, what do you think of the new name for 

Friday night Posts?

The first quilt tonight is a joint effort, pieced and quilted by Caroline (aka Deputy Nut) and bound by Angela.  Here you will see it “modeled by Angela’s accommodating husband who apparently wanted Angela to make sure she told me that he actually volunteering to be our first centrefold by posing completely nude in this photo.  Hmmm, not sure I believe him – do you? 

Actually apparently he wasn’t completely nude – he did keep his boots on!  Oh sure!

This is another of Caroline’s quilts but this time bound by Joanne.

Angela rounded off her contribution with a cool Storm laundry bag!  Love those funky chooks inside!


Anne V debuted this week.


Pieceb by Gail and quilted by Leanne


Jenny and Gale combined to produce two cool  Star Wars quilts (only one pictured) and three great laundry bags.

The perfect laundry bag for a RAAFie by Joan.

Two boxfuls from Karen B

Julie made this quilt top, Stephanie quilted and bound it and I added the roo.  
It headed off to Iraq a couple of days ago.

Kerryn C from WA – welcome to AHQ Kerryn!

Leanne J is also a newbie!

Louise made these two quilt tops and Stephanie quilted them.  

This is the second of two quilts that Melissa T sent me this week.  
This one is on of the first two Aussie Hero Quilts ever to head off to Iraq this week.

Lyn M is also new to AHQ and she made the next four laundry bags.

Lynn created this quilt top and I added the roos as per a  special request.

Tess M (NSW) 

Peggy (and cute assistant!)

Rita M sent this off with a quilt to match but we had to wait till it was received.

Stephanie D

Check out the cool girly Scooby Doo fabric!

Julie sent this to me ages ago but I have just sent it off to wait till it is needed as a Wounded Warrior Quilt.  It is replacing one that was handed to an injured soldier last week.

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!