There are a few Aussie Hero Sewing Days being planned – 
here are the two that I know of and if you have others please let me know.

Sunday the 8th of July at Penrith Patchwork starting at 10am we are going to be making laundry bags.  We are looking for six more ladies to come along.  You need to register with the store or with me as there is only enough room for 8 and that includes myself and Pam who is helping me to set it up.  All you need to bring is your sewing machine, thread and scissors etc.
 I will supply kits for the bags – enough to keep you busy as long as you want.   You can BYO lunch or duck across the road to the cafe or bakery.

 If you live in South Australia on Tuesday the 10th of July there is also going to be an Aussie Hero Sewing Event at the Gawler home of one of our lovely long arm quilters, Chris.     They will go from 10am till 10pm (my kind of event!) BYO lunch and Chris will provide dinner from her new pressure cooker (again…wish I could come!).  Chris says they usually have lots of fun on these occassions!  Contact Chris on 
85223460 or qu****@bi*****.com if you can make it.  

Another good story!
Last night I received an email from someone who had heard of our quilts as follows: 

I am interested in your Quilts and personalised Laundry bags. We have been notified via one of our members here at AMAB that they are available from you. I have had a look on your website and love the thought of haqving something special from home to commemerate why we are here serving our country. I am half way through my rotation at the moment. Information I am after is the pricing of both the quilt and the laundry bag.

Of course I wrote back to her and explained that our quilts and laundry bags are donated and are a gesture of thanks for all the serving members.  Here is her response:

This idea amazes me, I am touched by your generosity, kindness and supportiveness to all the troops that are putting their life on the line for our country. Its people like yourself and others that help you in this project, that makes us feel like what we are doing and being away from our family and friends for such a long period of time a worthy cause.

I have four children, 3 girls and 1 boy that I have left in the capable hands of my husband, who is also a serving member, due to deploy in April next year. Although our children live the Defence life, it doesn’t make it any easier on them or our heart strings when we leave the comfort and love of our home.
I would love and greatly appreciate a quilt and laundry bag, to decorate my bed space and to know that there are loving people out there that support what we are achieving. 

I am pleased to be able to tell you that a quilt was sent off in her direction this morning!  

Last Friday I took a bunch of quilt tops, backings and battings and delivered them to some of the quilters that have volunteered to help.  Two went to a lovely lady called Kim and whilst I was there she pulled out some lengths of fabric that she was happy to give me.  There must be about 4m of this blue one
and probably 10m of this great green one.  
Today I received four quilt tops in the mail from Maria and at least one of them will have this as a backing!  And it really is green in spite of the photos best efforts to make it look grey!

Guess who is reading Aussie Heroes
Now here is something that I always find interesting and I though I would share it again.  Look who is reading Aussie Heroes this week!  The United Arab Emirates dropped off for a couple of weeks – no idea why but they are back again – welcome back.  And look at all the other countries.  I hope some of you guys will leave a comment and tell use where you are following from – or an email – dj******@bi*****.au 
We would love to know what you think of Aussie Heroes.

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