I have added two new pages at the top of the blog – Extra things you can include and Information on Posting and Addresses.  The following is a duplicate of the second one – posting information.  
We have been given access to a special address that only opens twice a year, 15 March to 15 April and 6 November to 8 December.  It is really important that we respect these dates and don’t try to send things early or late.
There really is no need to send quilts and laundry bags to me if you would like to wait and post your things direct to Afghanistan.  Any parcel that weighs less than 2KG is free.  You are supposed to use a Bx2 box from Australia Post.
 In truth I have sent boxes other than Australia Post boxes but I don’t think you can beat them for cost and, most importantly, for sturdiness.  I also believe that if Aussie Heroes is going to be favourably considered by the Dept of Defence then we need to consider their logistics and it is a lot easier to stack 50 or 100 boxes that are all the same shape than it is to pack the same number of different shapes and sizes.
Each box should have a green customs form on it as long as your box is under 2kg.
I put this in the bottom left corner.
I have had stickers made up to go on boxes so that they are readily identified as coming from Aussie Heroes.  
This is in addition to your return address which goes on the back. 
  I would love to send stickers to you if you email me with your address and the number of boxes you think you might send.  If you end up with more boxes than stickers maybe you could just right “From Aussie Hero Quilts” on the top left hand corner of the boxes.  

I also like to add an Aussie flag sticker if I have them.  I got mine from the local party shop.
I have found that it is best to tape the boxes with the tape going all the way around the boxes and coming back and sticking it to itself. 
 In some weather conditions I have found that the tape can come unstuck if it is just stuck to the box.  This can happen when it is sitting on the table in my family room so I hate to think what  can happen in the extremes of climate these parcels may be exposed to.  Better safe than sorry I think.
Now the addresses –
This is the main address we will use.
A Soldier, Sailor, Airman
Australian Defence Force
New South Wales,  2890
The line that says A Soldier, Sailor, Airmen indicates that the parcel is for a single serviceman or woman.  If you like you can specify which service you wish your gift to go to – Army, Navy, or Air Force but it is not necessary.  What is necessary is that if you have made a girly quilt or laundry bag then you must write the word female – i.e. A Female Soldier Sailor or Airman.

If you have not made quilts but have made laundry bags and wish to send them singularly with other goodies use the above address.  I have been told that the Chaplains will look at the customs form to see the contents.
If you have made laundry bags and wish to send them in a batch then use the following address
An ADF Section
Australian Defence Force
New South Wales,  2890

The box will be given to a Division, Platoon or Section and the contents will be shared out.
I intend to send  quilt and a laundry bag in each box as much as I can and then I will add in some goodies off the list of extras.  
Most important – make sure you weigh your boxes or when you get the Post Office you will be charged the normal cost for a box to be posted to Sydney depending on it’s weight and place of origin.  
I think this is about all you need to know.  If I think of anything else I will put it in future posts.  
And no, I haven’t forgotten the new BOM.  I will be a couple of days late.  I had to make three laundry bags in a hurry – long story – and tomorrow Caz and I have a sewing day.  I have already cut my pieces though and all I need to do is a bit of sewing and a bit of photography for the tute.  Won’t be long.

All you BOM 9 patches should be in the mail by now.

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!