Lots of good tips have been floating around Facebook this week so I thought this was a good time to put a few on the blog – especially seeing as Spotlight is having a sale starting tomorrow.

This first tip comes from Caroline – 

Here is a good tip for buying Wadding from Spotlight this week… 

They have a special starting on Wed 22nd August where Sew Easy Cosy Cotton Wadding 100% Cotton, 254cm wide is $14.95 per metre for VIP Members. If you aren’t one, doesn’t matter it’s free to join and you can do it at any of their checkouts.

First go in and purchase a Get creative magazine for $1, inside this

magazine is a $10 off voucher for any purchase when you spend ove $20. Then go and buy 3 metres = $44.85 less your $10 off voucher = $34.85. This will equate to 3 quilts as you do one along the width then two side by side down the remaining length.

This means $11.30 per quilt. This will only work if you are NOT sending your quilt to a long arm quilter, and you are quilting on a domestic machine, long arm quilters request 4′ extra all around so you may only get 2 quilts for the 3 metres.

Of course if you want to take it back even further 1.8m is still over $20 and will still get you 2 quilts side by side…and work out (with your $10 discount) @ $8.45 per quilt.   Unfortunately the limit is one coupon per customer per sale period.  

Melissa had two tips – she said buy as many of the creative magazines as you can as they go fast and the voucher is good for a month.
AND make sure your hubby is a VIP member as well so he can get the discount as well and then you are legal to go twice a sale period!  LOL

Liz sent over a photo of how she lays out three quilts on 3m of batting – sometimes it is easier to see it rather than try to imagine it.  I know the top quilt looks short but remember the batting is approx 2.5m wide.  Thanks Liz!

Now that we have your batting sorted here is a good tip from Jill – 

Here is a good option for those who are looking for a quick option and also like to be a bit creative.
The quilters cache website has fantastic quilt blocks that are itemised by the size as well as the name.
If you want big and quick I have worked out that if you use the 16” block patterns, then all you need to do is make 8 blocks, you then make the quilt top 2 blocks wide by 4 blocks long, and add 5” borders.  This will give you a suitable quilt for a hero.

You can check out 16″ here 
Or all other size blocks here
You could also also use this method for the 8” blocks and make 24blocks so as the quilt would be 4 x 16 blocks with 5” borders.
For those who are making the 9 patch blocks have they thought of making an alternate block as a snowflake block? this would then give the illussion of a star when all sewn together.  

If you include a fabric pen in the package for the quilt the hero could then use the quilt as a signature quilt.

We have a sneak peak of the first quilt for HMAS ANZAC – I am trying to decide if I will show full pics of the quilts on the blog or if I will wait until I get word that each quilt has arrived.  I already know of one fellow who is following us on Facebook and I don’t know how many can check out the blog so I am thinking we should tease them a little but not spoil the surprise completely and just show sneak peaks and then as each quilt is received it can go on the blog.  What do you think?

And while we are on the subject of HMAS ANZAC – does anyone want to sew a few extra laundry bags for them?  I would love to be able to send some to the rest of the crew and I know they will be appreciated, especially once our quilts start to land on board!

Just out of interest – there are 24 girls and 168 guys aboard HMAS ANZAC!

Three more weeks to get your blocks in for the Fallen Warrior Quilts we are making for the Diddams family.  I need them by the 14th of September please.

Here is a look at what we have received so far.

Julie Ann
Karen B

Bernice L

And last but definitely not least Caroline, Jacqui and Khristina each received a thank you message.

My quilt arrived safe and sound, It arrived while I was away.
Thank you very much for it. I love it. I also received a laundry bag which was a nice surprise.
Thank you to you and all your ladies that make these quilts for us. If only you could see the smiles on the face of the members who have received one.

The quilt arrived last week along with my birthday present parcels.
It is gorgeous and I have taken a photo of it on my bed to email. It is amazing that the lady who made it has a history with Defence.
Thank you very much for organising this.

hank you so much for arranging that (the quilt), it did arrive a few days ago and it is lovely, I also got a wonderful surprise and included was a laundry bag. My room now looks a bit brighter and more inviting at the end of the day so once again thank you.
(And she signed herself as) 
“The proud owner of a deployment quilt”

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!