This is only a brief post as I am flat out today and am yet to head off to the post office to send off this lot – 28kg of fabric including three quilts and laundry bags!  Anyone got a trolley?  Do you know it is virtually impossible to send 3kg of fabric in a 3kg bag!  Who knew fabric was so heavy!

Tonight’s post is extra special!  To me this is what Aussie Heroes is all about.  We don’t need a thank you message or personally written letter or email for every quilt that we send off to know that what we are doing is worthwhile and appreciated.  A message such as I am about to share is way more than we ever need, but oh so much appreciated.

When I first started Aussie Heroes I was just content to get as many quilts as possible to the guys and girls “over there”.  Then a smart chaplain suggested we might like to send some Aussie themed quilts to be sent along with the wounded as they transit to Germany.  Bless that clever chaplain!  No sooner had he suggested it that we started doing it.  A few quilts have now made the trip to Germany with our brave wounded soldiers and one even accompanied a heroic US Marine after he was injured coming to the aid of some of our fellows.- you can read about that here.

We call those quilts Wounded Warrior Quilts  (WWQs).  A couple of weeks ago I shared a message I received from a woman whose husband was injured in Afghanistan and received an American Quilt whilst in hospital in Germany.  You can read that message here.  
I have always said that I deeply appreciate the generosity of the Americans towards our troops but I am so pleased to know that we are now looking after our people ourselves.  
That is as it should be. 
When she wrote to me she explained how her husband liked to use the quilt but found at times it was a bit big for his needs.  I offered to send them one of ours to “road test”.  I would have wanted to send one to them anyway –  I cannot think of a more deserving recipient.  They accepted my offer and received the quilt.  Here is what they said.
The quilt arrived.  Thank you.  My husband loves it. the day it arrived he used it whilst he sat in his recliner chair.  It came at the perfect time.  He ended up in hospital the next day and its the perfect size for the hospital bed.  We have proudly told the story of where the quilt came from to the staff.  My husband turns the corner of the quilt to show the printed “Aussie Hero Quilts” label.  Thank you so much.

This message and this photo still moves me, perhaps more than any of the other hundreds of heartfelt messages I have posted on this blog from the troops and their families and friends.  Look at that gorgeous quilt, made by Kaye, sitting proudly on that bed.  Isn’t it wonderful to know we could give this man and his wife such a gift.

If you want to make a WWQ go right ahead.  You just need to make a quilt that is as Aussie as possible – include a flag, or the southern cross, applique a kangaroo, use Aussie fabric.  Just make it however you want, stitch it with lots of love and send me a photo when it is done.  

And to the couple who sent me this message and shared this wonderful photo – thank you so much for letting us in just a little bit.  Please know that all of us from Aussie Heroes around Australia will be wishing the absolute best for your husband’s recovery and we all appreciate his service and the sacrifice you both have made.

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!