Hey all, 

I love this message that I received this morning. On the weekend I visited one of our veterans in hospital and took him an Aussie Hero Quilt.   I couldn’t have him in hospital with a boring, impersonal white blanket on his bed could I? 

Today he sent me his photo and this message…. 


Hi JM, 

LB AL has been a few places.
– Baghdad,
– Taji,
– Al Asaad Air Base,
– Singleton,
– Holsworthy,
– Rockhampton
– Shoalwater Bay,
– Enoggera,
– Darwin
– New Zealand
– Singapore
– Hawaii
– All over NSW during Homicide on-call
– Concord Repatriation Hospital
– And every holiday that Stef and I have been on.

A gift that keeps on giving!

Isn’t it great to know that our laundry bags are so well loved and well travelled. I reckon some of them should have their own passports!

Funny story.. on his way home from his deployment to Iraq, this recipient did a load of washing whilst he was in Al Minhad Air Baes (AMAB) on his way home.   Of course he used his laundry bag.  He had a bunch of other things on your mind –  like getting home to your fiance in time for your wedding, especially when his deployment was supposed to be for 10 weeks, got extended to 5 months and then 7 months…. talk about flexible.

Turns out he left his laundry bag behind in the laundry… with all his clean washing…

A few days after he got home he got a call from a mate….

“Did you forget to collect your laundry bag mate?”

So how did the mate recognise the laundry bag?  Simples… the initials, the Swans colours, the Wallabies colours, Parramatta Eels colours on the outside,

AND on the inside, the rather distinctive lining – a dead give away to the owner’s name and the contents…

A Swans polo shirt, a Parramatta Eels shirt and Sydney FC A-League shorts!

Our lucky recipient received his laundry bag and his beloved jersey’s back in the mail!

Now you don’t think that would have happened if he had been using a boring, nondescript white mesh laundry bag do you??  Of course not!!

That is all for now.

Keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 

Jan-Maree xx