As a follow up to the recent post about the AMAB Chapel quilts (which you can see here) recently I thought you might like to know a little about the small group that put these lovely quilts together.

Introducing the Mystery Quilt Group.

History-wise I have no idea how they originally came together, or how long ago the idea was born, but Jan-Maree had this small group of ladies who would answer a call from her to make a couple of blocks each so that some extra requests could be covered.  

What I can tell you is that in the 6 or so months prior to Jan-Maree’s house fire she had asked me a few times to help her out by putting a few of the Mystery Group (MG) blocks sets together.  At the time of the fire it just seemed appropriate to offer to ‘run’ the MG for AHQ so that JM had one less thing to try to manage.  

This little group of AHQ volunteers are scattered around Australia in various cities and towns – some work, some are retired, some are on properties, some are carers and a couple have joined more recently due to being a friend of a current member, but they all like to make blocks from their stashes and post them to me to construct into quilts.  

Since becoming a ‘new’ group I have to tell you that we have been able to complete 71 quilts.

It works to such a simple plan.  Jan-Maree contacts me and gives me a couple of requests for the MG.  Sometimes she has ideas of appliques or badges that should be included but mostly she leaves it up to us. I put a rough plan together of what block to ask them for. In the early days we mostly did Large Star Blocks.

  An email goes out with the details, a block tutorial and colours required etc and each member lets me know how many they will be able to make.  It has got to a stage where I sometimes don’t tell them the exact block to use just the size I require and give them free choice as long as it meets my measurements.

 We really have developed a great little working team. Very often the choice of fabric used is so interesting and can change my original ‘thoughts’ and the end result is entirely different.  One of our members often does large and intricate machine embroidery blocks and that can change the original plan. 

Once all the blocks have been posted to me and I have them all together in the quilt top I then pass the top to another member of our group, who recently retired, and she quilts and binds them.  She has also put some great tutorials together for some new MG blocks ideas I had, that work to our MG size requirements and then, also, work with our Star Blocks.

I have to say… what a great move on my behalf……for me… offer to take over this group as I have to tell you that it has proved to be an enjoyable group, all of whom I now consider to be friends even though I have not met very many of them.  They might be my keyboard friends but I am delighted to have them to call on and chat to.  Thank you, MG. 
If anyone reading this is intersted in joining the Mystery Group please email Jan-Maree ( and she will pass your details on to me. 
  Lynn x x