Hi all.  It has been a relatively quiet Aussie Hero weekend and I actually managed to get in some sewing.    I have also managed to package up three quilts to head off tomorrow and this afternoon I started cutting out a batch of laundry bags.  Anyone waiting for me to return satchels to them will be pleased to know that I will hopefully be dropping another heap of mail off to the post office tomorrow and Tuesday.  I just wish there was enough room in our little post office to fit a shopping trolley in as there will be heaps of it.

I have had a couple of requests come in late this afternoon and was able to fill both of them from Quilts in Waiting.  Will keep you posted if there are more.  I have been warned that there will be.

On to more exciting news for all of you.  We received some lovely thank you messages over the weekend.

This one for Cat from Tasmania.

First and foremost thank-you very much for the Aussie Hero Quilt and making the time and the effort to do this.  I am well, just over half way through our trip and the quilt has arrived in perfect time, the weather is starting to get a bit chilly here so it will keep me warm when I spend nights out.  I don’t know how much info my mother sent or you knew what I like but the blue is the perfect colour and the tim tams went down like a treat, well what was left over after some lads demolished them.  So personally I would like to thank you and AHQ for doing this for us diggers, it really does mean a lot to know that not just family and friends, but the greater community, do think about us too.  Bit stuck on words but I really do appreciate this…..  Thanks

Then Liz received a hand written letter some of which she has send for me to share with you. 

Thank you very much for the Quilt, it is just starting to get cold over here so it will definitely come in handy. I must say that I was not expecting it and it definitely put a smile on my face, and made me realize that we have got quite a lot of support from people back home.  My Mum is an avid quilter, so I very much appreciate the time and effort that you have put into this gift from home. Thanks again.

You were right with the fact that I am a little out there, preferring bright colours.  I have no idea of how you got this information but it has made it that little more personal.  

Thanks again for supporting the blokes over here and for the quilt, and the laundry bag 
(I was using a garbage bag up until a few days ago)

I have got to get this letter in the mail now as we do not have many options to get mail out.
P.S. I will pass on the web-site to my Mum

And this gorgeous photo is of a young lady who received her quilt early on in the year and I have just had this sent to me by the quilter, Cynthia, now that she is home.

I LOVE it when someone who has received one of our quilts comes home safe and sound and requests a quilt for a friend who is going over there.

This is a fellow that I made a quilt for back in April.  In fact I also made Belvedere’s quilt at his request.  If you haven’t heard about Belvedere you can check out the story here and here.  Then on Friday, much to my delight, I received the following message – 

I just wanted to thank you again for all your support and great quilt that I will keep forever!
I have safely returned to Queensland and about to start leave shortly, I’ll be sure to have a G&T for you and another for AHQ!
Also I have a friend that is going overseas again and I was wondering if you would be able to arrange a quilt for him?   He’s (more details given but can’t share all or it will give it away) deployed before and is going over in the start of the cold winter season.  I am so glad that AHQ has really hit off on Facebook with 653 likes! I remember when I like’d and it was still under 100.
Thanks again.

It really makes my day to know that he is watching the Facebook page.  In fact I regularly see new recipients liking us on Facebook and I find that so encouraging.

Make sure you come back tomorrow night – I received a very special message and photo to share with you.

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!