Time for an update on our Strippy String Blocks and I have to say I am loving them!

Sue P sent me these ones and on the weekend I put them up on the design wall and played around with some layouts.  Which one do you all like?

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
Personally I think I am tending toward Version 4 so I am keen to see what everyone else thinks.

Here are some from Karen in NSW that arrived just today.  Thanks Karen.  There are two weeks of the month left  – I wonder how many more blocks will arrive in the mail.   I would like at least enough for another quilt.  I need 32 blocks for one quilt unless I put some plain blocks in.   I know there are some coming from America already….what about you?
Catch up on April
And here is the latest April BOM quilt.  I was going to out a white border on it but didn’t have enough white so went with this fun blue that isn’t repeated in the blocks.  I actually don’t mind it and I have to say it will be a lot more serviceable that white!   When I was a little girl we used to live in a small country towns around WA as my dad was a teacher.  Wherever we lived there was red dirt and dust and in winter MUD.  I think if that everything I put a bit of white into these quilts as I have heard so much about it being dusty in Afganistan and elsewhere.  Because of the mud my mum used to dress us in brown and “serviceable” colours!  Hence my choice of a more “serviceable” colour!
This is the other April BOM quilt.  I actually took it outside this afternoon to lay it on my colour coordinated royal blue car but the light wasn’t great.  Probably better than it would have been inside though.  I have quilted it is wonky lines – 
 parallel wonky lines all over it.
 I am hoping they show up in the pics as they were fun to do but needed a lot of masking tape to make them out!

Pam from out Penrith way has been very busy.    First up we have a special sewing day coming up this Saturday.  It is short notice but we suspect it is only the first on many to come in the future if people are interested in coming along.  Here are the details…

Aussie Hero Sewing Day Penrith Patchwork! 
Jeff from Penrith Patchwork is allowing us to use the back classroom at his shop from 10am this coming Saturday.  There is room for 10 people to sew.   The address is 97b Henry St

PENRITH, NSW, 2750 Phone (02) 4721 1213

Please let me know if you can make it.  You can either bring along your own Aussie Hero project to work on or I can provide something for you if I know in advance.  Just leave a comment or email me.   Novice quilters welcome.  I am happy to give instruction and advice.
Thanks Jeff!

  • Also, Pam is a real estate agent and she has a number of other irons in the fire.   She will be meeting with the tradies she give work to and will be asking for donations for the cause. She has also been approached by some of the tenants that have said they would be happy to give some goodies for the guys so will start taking donations for that. She is going to put up the list on the notice board so they know what to donate.and keep you posted as to how we go. As she said, it helps when they know she has one in the service. (a RAAFie chappie!)
    Way to go Pam!!!

    Don’t forget, let me know if you can make it on Saturday!

    Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!