More requests coming in..

Recently I had word that one of our lovely Aussie Heroes who requested a quilt missed out on receiving the quilt that was sent to him.  Please please please if you take on a request understand that there is a time frame that we need to stick to.  I allow a MAXIMUM of 4 weeks for a quilt to be made and in the post.  I much prefer a quicker time frame if at all possible.  The quilter who made that quilt took 7 and a half weeks from start to posting.  I need to avoid this in the future.

From now on I will be trying to check on the progress of all requests after two weeks or you can keep me posted on the progress of your work.  After two weeks, if it looks like you might have trouble completing your quilt please let me know.  Sometimes, depending on how long the serving member has left in country, I may be able to give you an extension.  Other times I may need to make other arrangements.   I am always available if time gets tight or if life gets in the way and can probably arrange for an already completed quilt to be sent instead if need be.  

Don’t take it personally if I am checking on your progress.  I do it with EVERYONE.  If we want to keep getting the lovely feedback we get then we need to keep getting the special requests.  We will only continue to get them if those requesting them are confident that they will not be let down.  I am determined to avoid another one of our Heroes missing out.

Standby to Receive

Just to let you know that there are bound to be more requests coming in over the next two months as people arrive for the Christmas deployment.  If you are working on a quilt, or have one finished, can you please let me know.  To save you all from contacting me these are the ladies who I know have quilts finished and ready to go – 

Lorraine, Alison, Hillary, Rae, Cat, Jill and Linda.  

If you have a completed quilt and you are not on that list, or it you are up to the binding even, can you please let me know and preferably send me a photo.  Additionally I know there are some of you who have made quilt tops and are not on the list but as some people take weeks and weeks to turn a quilt top in to a quilt (and that is fine) I don’t count quilt tops as completed quilts so if your quilt top has turned into a quilted quilt please let me know. 

Now for those that like to include a little extra in your boxes here is a suggestion.  Chris from WA has sewn some Christmas decorations to include with her parcels and this is a great idea.

Last year I sent the lovely Warrant Officer (the first Aussie Hero) a small Christmas tree ($9 from K mart) and $8 for postage.  I got the children from my son’s school to make some decorations and write some cards and they were so gorgeous.

I will definitely be including some tinsel, particularly pink for the girls, in parcels that I send from October on.  A little Christmas cheer is always appreciated.

This is just a thought – let me know what you think.

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!