If you have been with us since the beginning you will know that Aussie Heroes started because I read a blog in which the author, Posie (a.k.a. Jennie), wrote that her handsome soldier husband had just left for Afghanistan.  I sent her a message: 

I am an ex-navy and ex RAAFie so I really have an appreciation for your husband’s call to duty AND yours. Do you think we could make quilts or something else for his unit? I would be happy to do my bit. I read all the time of the Quilts of Valour projects in the States and would love to do something similar for our service people. Let me know if you have any suggestions, though maybe you just have your hands full as life is. Cheers

Can you believe that this was the start of what is now called Aussie Heroes?  This was written on the 14th of October 2011 and yesterday about 8 1/2 months later guess who I finally met!!!  

The lovely Jennie 
i'm proud to be me . . .
AND  her handsome soldier husband! 
i'm the proud wife of . . .
Sorry ladies – this is the best I can do but you can take my word for it he is handsome!  
(and he will blush when he reads this! LOL)
They are both really lovely – the warmest couple you could hope for with four of the most gorgeous, engaging and well behaved children you could hope to meet!

I am kicking myself now that I didn’t take more photos.

There is a photo of Jennie and I but I, don’t do photos of me on the blog so you have to do without that one as well.  AND if you read my other blog you know that I often include photos of my baking with recipes and so on – and I even forgot to take a pic of the table which I covered in as many of his favourite foods as I could (without going over board I hope!)  We had, among other things, chocolate caramel slice – thanks to Marg for the recipe – the best I have tasted and himself loved it too!

And Jennie did not come empty handed.   She brought me four HUGE bags of fabric from her stash to donate to Aussie Heroes and see that TYPO BAG?
A couple of weeks ago Jennie attended “Sew it Together” in Canberra and while she was there she met up with the Anna from Polly Pratt who agreed to donate some gorgeous scraps to US for some lovely girly Aussie Hero Quilts!

The absolute nicest day I have had in a long time!  Just another reason to be so glad that I started Aussie Heroes!  Who would have thought that all this could have grown from such humble beginnings.

 I just have to show you what turned up in the mail today.  A few weeks ago I asked if anyone would care to send me a quilt that I could use for “Show and Tell” when I go to Canberra to talk to the Canberra Quilters and for the now two other presentations I have to give after that.  I will take down some of the quilts that I have here but I would like to take some of your work and not just mine.  Well, Liz from WA answered my call and today I received this in the mail!
How iconically Aussie is this!  Don’t you love the broken fence? I reckon those roos did it, don’t you?  if anyone else wants to send me a quilt I would love it.  It doesn’t have to be as fancy as Liz’s.  Simple quilts are good for Show and Tell as well as they encourage the less confident to give it a go.

I will be back tomorrow night with news of more mail and more donations!

Till next time …………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!