Size Really Does Matter

Occasionally I get a few queries from people about the size of the quilts.  It seems that some think that 42 inches is not wide enough and would like to make their quilts wider.  Whilst I understand where you are coming from, we need to stick to a standard size.  

Our quilts are used in all sorts of environments.  
Some are used on the top bunk.

Some are used on the bottom bunk of your Ikea style bunks

Some go to ships at sea and are used on a ships’s bunk.  

There isn’t always much room to allow for an overhang.
Also it is not normally the case that it is the only bed covering being used.  
There is usually a doona or a blanket as well and the quilt just provides an extra layer, 

 and most importantly, a welcome piece of home and COLOUR!

As you all know the soldier’s quilts are made and sized specifically to fit into a Bx2 sized post box so that you can post them for free.  That is not only important for us, but if the guys and girls don’t have spare room for bringing things home they need to be able to post some things home as well and it is not always easy for them to access boxes – so many of the Bx2 boxes are re-used.   If you send a bigger quilt they may not be able to post it back easily if they need to.  Additionally the quilts have to be small enough for the recipients to fit into their luggage if they are required to move from one location to another unexpectedly.  The quilts are often used whilst sitting on picket duty and for this the soldiers want to be able to wrap them around their shoulders.  Trust me, long and thin works.   

Finally if you are making a quilt top to send to me for completion please can you make them the recommended size.  To a certain extent I can cope with a variance in the length i.e. 70-75 inches but anything wider than 42 inches will be cut down.  I need to fit two quilt tops side by side on the batting and all the backings are made to a standard size.    i just don’t have time to measure each individual quilt top when they arrive and make sure they are the correct size..  Also if I was to use a quilt top that is wider than the 42 inches then I would have to join on extra batting to make it wide enough and do the same with the backing.  When I am preparing ten quilt tops at a time to go to the quilter I just don’t have time for that.  I hope you understand.

 Please email me if this causes you any challenges.

School Holidays 
Just for info, for those of you not in NSW it is school holidays here which means I have two nearly 17 year olds at home.  That means two things.  

There are social engagements for which I am requested to provide the taxi service.  Sometimes that might mean that my regular blogging schedule will be compromised.  I can usually work around that by being organised.  Note, I said USUALLY!  

Also there are data issues.  Every holidays, for some inexplicable reason, we seem to run out of data (we have 500GB limit!!!) which means it is very hard for me to upload photos and the like to the blog.  Ah the joys of teens!  Fingers crossed some sanity will prevail as we don’t get new data till ANZAC DAY  in this house but it might be wise, if you have already made your ANZAC Day laundry bags to send me a photo of them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE  so that I can upload them while I still have data.

Please don’t write to me and suggest other data plans or service providers etc etc.  I am not the one that makes those decisions  (nor do I want to) and that just isn’t going to happen.  

Upcoming Posts

I might also add that blog posts might also be a bit shorter this week as I have a fair bit on next week and I am trying to get caught up a little on the sewing side before then.  

Next week’s ANZAC Day blog posts looks like being particularly special.  
First up on Sunday night we have the reveal of the ANZAC Day Laundry Bag Challenge.  
I am loving what I have seen so far. 
You have until midday Sunday 21st Sydney time to get your picture of your laundry bag in to me so it can be included in the post that night.

I have a few great posts in mind for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but I am not actually planning a post for ANZAC Day itself.  I will post the big ANZAC Day post on the 24th so that I can then convert the appropriate parts into an email and forward it to those who are deployed and do not get access to the blog.

Those of you who have not yet sent in your contributions, please don’t forget.  You don’t want to be sitting there enjoying everyone else’s and wishing you had sent yours in.  I know there are some of you who felt that way last year.

Peacekeepers in South Sudan

Lastly for tonight,  I thought I should share this article with you.  We have around 25 personnel serving in South Sudan as part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission – Operation Aslan.  Whilst all of our personnel are safe and sound recently five Indian peacekeepers escorting a UN convoy in South Sudan have been killed in an ambush by rebels.  A time fo sadness for all of the Peacekeepers and a timely reminder that peacekeeping is not necessarily a “safe gig”.  It just reaffirms my commitment to get quilts to as many of our peace keeping members as we can.  If you want to know more full details are in this article.

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!