Singleton Military Area Family Day by Toni F

Written by AHQ

7 February 2024

 Hi All

On Saturday Toni F and Jenny A headed up to Singleton to represent Aussie Hero Quilts at a Family Welfare Day. Here is Toni’s report. 


Our day began
with an early rise as Jenny and I drove to Singleton Army Base
to take part in the Annual Singleton Military Area Family Day to represent
Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags.


 Upon arrival we were introduced  to the Unit Welfare Officer and then we set up our display in exactly the same position as last year, but for this year’s event we were allocated an extra table to display all the quilts and bags and yet again we were situated near one of the main entrances.

We had warm weather which made it ideal for the many outdoor activities that were scheduled for the day. The event was intended as an opportunity for all Singleton Area ADF members, employees and contractors and their families to participate together in a fun day with displays and lots of children’s activities, like face painting etc. and a event bingo card draw with prizes for the children – each stall had a stamp and we all marked on the card and once it was full Bingo !!!!


 There were numerous organisations in attendance. Some of which were Defence Mental Health and Well being, Carer Gateway, Defence Bank, (we now own a pink camo piggy bank!!) Singleton Family History Society, Singleton Council, Legacy and the CWA. There were bands playing outside and lots of other activities for children.


It was wonderful also to meet so many ADF members and their families with quite a few young recruits 6 months out of their training. They were so surprised that one day they would be able to receive a one of a kind quilt and laundry bag when they are on their first deployment.

With the quilts and bags on display we had 3 hard cover books with coloured photos of quilts and laundry bags, showing a multitude of quilts that aroused a lot of interest. The conversations expanded with great results and much surprise. Also veterans, some of whom were retired, were surprised to find that they also were eligible to receive a quilt for their service.

We both had the pleasure of meeting past and present members of the ADF and Members of few RSL Clubs who enjoyed viewing our display and discussing our service. We met a delightful gentleman last year from Mussellbrook RSL Branch who had been in the RAN for over 40 years. He returned to this year’s Family Day and he visited our display once again. We enjoyed explaining what Aussie Hero Quilts does, especially to visitors who had no prior knowledge of our service. 

We also spoke to a gentlemen who has an elderly friend who was in the 1st Vietnam Training Team of 1962 who is now 96 years old and his son who is also ex- Army. It was truly a delight to show this gentleman the quilts we had on display and discuss how the quilts are made and how our volunteers not only live in NSW but nation wide.  

We were both pleased throughout the event to meet some past recipients who were so delighted to be able to personally say “Thank you” to us as volunteers the organisation.  It is obvious that their quilts and bags are valued and would always be cherished.  

A great day was held by all.

 Toni and Jenny.

Thanks so much for giving up your time to represent Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags so well ladies. Very much appreciated. 

Till next time keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 

Jan-Maree xx


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