I am working to a tight schedule between now and mid December to get everything done that I need to do by then.  Today is a sewing day – a rare one – so this post will be relatively short and sweet.

Anne made her first laundry bag and got it in the mail a couple of weeks ago and received this awesome response!

 I am very honoured to have been the recipient of your very first laundry bag. And not only that, I got a parcel with everything an Airmen needs! I have to wash my uniforms often due to the dirt and dust that just seems to get everywhere, and with the thermometer getting lower and lower every day, your laundry bag will definitely help me to get my washing done quickly and efficiently. I love the cards and I’m sure my Parents and partner  will love them too.

When I return to Australia, I am taking up a posting to XXXXXXX. So next time you are visiting your sister, please email or call me and I would love to show you around the base and the Air Traffic Control Tower. If you like watching planes, you will have the best seat in the house!

I’m sorry to have kept this short but my job as XXXXXXX keeps me on my toes!
Again, thank you for your gifts. It really does make a huge difference to our lives!
God bless, hope to hear from you again.

Now I keep telling you to spread the word!  You just never know what the response will be.

 Someone, who shall remain nameless, was hurrying home yesterday morning to get back to their sewing machine.  Unfortunately they were hurrying about 5km/hr too fast and were pulled over by a lovely diligent policeman.   The fine was going to be $150 but the policeman asked if there was any reason they were in such a hurry.  Our Friend spoke up and explained that although it was no excuse for speeding they were actually hurrying home to get to the sewing machine as they wanted to finish a quilt for an Aussie soldier in Afghanistan who is missing his kids back home.  The policeman just looked at her and she explained all about Aussie Heroes – what we do, who we do it for.  He was taken aback and explained that he used to be in the army, in fact he used to be in 3RAR!!!  Well, this friend said “oh my goodness, several of the quilts I have made have been for 3RAR soldiers.”  She whipped out her phone and showed him a photo of one of her quilts being displayed by its happy recipient from 3RAR.  “Oh my gosh” said the policeman, “I think I know him!”    He said he would let her off with a warning and told her to lift the foot off the pedal a little and get herself safely home to that sewing machine as those quilts are important!

That just made my day! and you can guess it made the Friend’s day as well!

Do keep spreading the word – but perhaps find some other way of getting everyone’s attention!

Now these photos were taken by Alana Taylor, of none other than Jill’s daughter Siobhan.  I am sure you recognise the names but if not Jill and Siobhan are from QLD and are two regular contributors to our Quilts of the Week!  Not long ago I did a post on the memorial to the Emu Feathers in Jill and Siobhan’s home town.  Well last week Siobhan had her Year 12 Formal and  these are some of the photos taken.  Gorgeous huh!

Apparently for as long as anyone can remember Siobhan has been determined to go to her Prom in this fabulous old Army Jeep that first made its appearance in the town at the time of the Shearers Strike.  It is now owned by Nanny Jill, Siobhan’s grandmother. 

And yes, she did in fact arrive at the Formal in the Jeep!  Bet the soldiers who have driven it in the past would have loved to be driving it on this occasion as well!

And just for info, having told you in the past that Nanny Jill has had a severe stroke, I know you will be really pleased to know that she is now in rehab and is working very hard.  She was expecting no movement in her left side but now has a certain amount of movement in both arm and leg so big hooray for that!

I am back to the sewing machine!  Lots to do.

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!