Caz came over today and we had a day to sew Laundry bags.  I had 7 bags all ready to go – patches on them and appliqued and cord channel stitched and ironed and ready to insert.  Caz sat at them and worked hard all morning and while she was stitching away at those I had another pile or eleven that needed th patches stitched on and the cord channels sewn.  Eventually I got all of that done and moved on to assembling the bags and I had one all done and just had to top stitch around the top when the phone rang.  One of my sons was not well and was in sick bay at school.  Of course by the time I got there he was probably 80% okay but he wasn’t going to admit that till we got to the car!  Hmmmm.  But he did legitimately throw up so I guess he was allowed the afternoon off.  Caz had continued sewing while I went to get him and by the time I got home she had finished all seven plus top stitched the bag I had almost finished.  
That was the end of the sewing for the day but such is life.  
Now check these out!  I received these yesterday from Teresa FROM INDIANA USA.  How cool is that!
I really love the peace signs in that nine patch block!
And here are some more nine patches but these have been turned into a quilt by Christine – 
gorgeous earthy colours.
And now it is ready to post off.
I am not sure if I ever showed you these laundry bags that Christine also showed.
I bought some cute pink fabrics and pulled out some others that I had and here are some of my choices for the special pink blocks.  I am hoping to get the blocks made this weekend.
I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow or Sunday – too much life happening – but i will be back online on Monday so watch this space!