The tally so far-

 28 quilts this week and 34 laundry bags.

325 quilts and 705 laundry bags for 2013

1342 quilts and 2070 laundry bags in total.
I think we have a great Quilts of the Week selection this week but I am thinking that we should rename these posts to something that includes the laundry bags – maybe we should call it the Post of Posting?  Parcels Posted?  Someone can come up with something clever I am sure.

Anyway to start off we an example of my favourite quilts – a Block of the Month Quilt.  This one is from last year’s November BOM by Naomi.  I just love these scrappy quilts.  

I added the Pegasus as that is the logo for 5 Aviation Regiment but that is all I am saying!  

Jeann made this cute little quilt

Check out the flowers she quilted!  Very clever!


 One of mine

Another one of mine – the front

and the back. 

I cut this one out, Kiwi Karen pieced it and Carol quilted and bound it.  It is for a RAAFie hence I added the RAAF motto “Per Ardua Ad Astra” or translated “Through Adversoty to the Stars”

Joy made this quilt top and Stephanie quilted and bound it.

This is for a fellow who loves all Apple technology so I personalised it.  


Jenny and Gale posted off the next four including laundry bags which I will have to show you another time so we don’t give the game away!

Judith R

And the back – don’t forget to send me a photo of the back if you have done something interesting.

Judy C

Gee!  This might make a good tutorial!

Julie R

Julie R

Liz B






Another joint effort.  Cut out by me, top and laundry bag sewn by Louise and quilted by Liz B.

Special thanks to Andrea for the backing.  I was just waiting for the perfect quilt!

One of Lynn’s quilt tops, quilted by Stephanie



Jenni M


The Penrith Ladies did a great job sewing up a bunch of the laundry bags that I had cut out.  

This goes with the Apple Lover Quilt!

Rita M scored a signed flag for this one – signed by Russel Ebert!

Sarah L

The Sit and Sew Ladies from the Quilting Patch in Nowra got together to make this quilt – don’t you love the gumnuts – that is a first for AHQ!

Quite  a number of wonderful newbies in this batch this week!  Welcome aboard to all our new sewers!  Thanks so much for getting involved.

If you are wondering why sometimes I don’t post laundry bag pics or even quilt pics when you send then to me that is because there is a good chance that those particular recipients could be watching the blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I will try to remember to post the pics after the item has been received and you should always feel free to remind me.

Just a reminder 

Don’t forget the ANZAC Day Laundry Bag 

Challenge.  Have you worked out what you will be doing?

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word.