Another great Crop of quilts headed off again this week but first – 

I need a masculine quilt for a Navy fellow who is deployed and nearly at the end of his career and this will be an extra special memento for him.  Any takers?

And now on with the quilts!

This pretty one was made by Cherie of SA.

One of our generous long arm quilters, Chris, from SA made this one.

This gorgeous bright quilt top was made by Julie Ann and Julie and quilted by Chris.

Marie from SA made this one.  All these ladies are part of Chris’s sewng group the Hilltop Quilters.  Great job ladies!

Liz of Blackboy Hill Quilters Darlington W.A. made this one.
This is a friend of Liz of the red kangaroos; not the same Liz.

Roberta also of Blackboy Hill Quilters, Darlington, W.A made this lovely one.

And a matching laundry bag.

This one was a joint effort by Pam and I made from a few BOMs and the lovely green material that was donated by Jeff from Penrith Patchwork.

This one went to one of the chaplains over there – guess you can tell that he loves the ocean.   I really enjoyed making this one. 

Stephanie made this laundry bag to go with 

this quilt which was a top that her friend made and which she quilted and bound.
Just love the colours and it looks like spinning boomerangs.  Not likely to be one of our BOMs though – looks far too fiddly!

Fran from Vic created this pretty girly one.

This is another joint effort – this time Caroline and I worked on this together but unfortunately I had to leave Caroline to do most of the work because of the Canberra Trip. So simple but so effective.  This would make a terrific WWQ.  Caroline is putting together the instructions for this one if anyone is interested.  

This is another one by Caroline – utilising some leftover BOM pinwheels and this was quilted by one of our generous long arm quilters – Kim.  Thanks for getting involved Kim!

The next eleven were complete by the lovely ladies from the Berri Uniting Church under the supervision of Helen.  These are all off to await the next group of men and women arriving in Egypt.  Thanks to Naomi for gathering them all and getting them all ready to post off.











The next fellow is one that I have been waiting on because I really wanted to know that this quilt arrived safe and sound (don’t we all).  This is the RAEME quilt that I made.   As a refresher RAEME stands for Royal Corps of Australian mechanical and Electrical Engineers.  This quilt was requested by this fellow’s girlfriend on the very day he left Australia!

Here is what he said – 

My name is XXXXXXX and I recieved a quilt from you yesterday. I wanted to write to you and thankyou very much for it and all your hard work and time that you would have put into it, I love it. I didn’t know what or who the package was from when I got it and was even more surprised when I opened it up and found a nice quilt and washing bag. The Raeme colours and tool material really make it great. XXXXXX really is a wonderrful girlfriend.

And yes I went back to him and asked permission to publish this cute pic and this is what he said
sure I don’t mind if you put those pctures up, its the least I can do for you so you can see where your great work ends up.

Aw thanks!

Current tally stands at 438 quilts
and 283 laundry bags!

Till next time…..keep spreading the word and happy quilting!