Hooley Dooley!  What a week!  

Last Friday we had 309 follows on Facebook.  
As of the time I publish this we are up to 347!

Again I am going to say G’Day to our readers in The UAE, Germany AND this time Afghanistan.  You might be too shy to day G’day back but we are glad you are checking the blog out and hope you are encouraged by what you find.
The Bumper Crop
We certainly have a bumper crop of gorgeous quilts heading off to all sorts of places.  I sent one too but I can’t post it as the fellow who is receiving it knows I made it and I don’t know if he reads the blog but there is no way I am going to spoil the surprise!

Special Requests
A wonderful new sort of request is coming in now – bosses are requesting quilts to surprise their troops as we saw with Grandpa’s quilt earlier in the week.  We have another four quilts heading off for just that purpose this week – I made one – and I so can’t wait for it to arrive and all the rest of them.  What nice bosses.

This week another soldier received a quilt from us, this time from Sue in SA – out of the blue for him – but requested by his wife and he was so pleased that he is now passing on addresses to have them sent to friends and workmates of his – people who he thinks will appreciate the work involved.  He is even encouraging his wife to start making quilts for us once he is home again!    Love it!

He sent this lovely thank you to Sue for his quilt too.

I would like to thank you for my quilt that arrived Saturday. I was quite humbled when I opened the box, as I had no idea what it was. I love what you have created and it will always have a special place in my house.
My Mother also makes quilts so I can appreciate the amount of time and effort that is placed into every quilt. That fact that this is all done on a volunteer bases has just blown my mind.
I will also include some photos for you once I get a chance. This can be a difficult task as my work day most days does not allow for a lot of down time.
I am not sure what else to say as I am still some what humbled by the entire experience as I just think of myself as an average soldier doing his job that doesn’t need any recognition. This is why it is nice from time to time for someone like yourselves to come a long with a thank you like that.
Again I can’t thank you enough for your time and effort.

Well it goes without saying that if his mother is a quilter then he comes from good stock.  If all Australian men were as “average” as he says he is our country would be in a much better shape!
And now to this week’s quilts.

First up two quilts by Michelle

It doesn’t show up well in the photo above but Michelle has done these lovely embroideries and then pieced them into the quilt.

 She is going to do another set for me so that they can be included in a WWQ!

Nancy’s group from Kambalda have also been busy and they have sent off these next four quilts

Nancy managed to talk her neighbours to be her quilt hangars for her

Wish I had neighbours like that.

Next time faces with big smiles too please!

Chris’s group from SA are sending off some of the results of their labour too.

Lots of Aussie flavour in these quilts

but I think this is my favourite of these three – just can’t beat the disappearing nine patch!

Naomi made a strippy quilt as you go quilt.  She was given some scraps to use and look what she found.  Clever girl managed to get it into the quilt and the right way up too!

As far as I know Naomi is fronting up for Aussie Heroes today for an interview with WIN TV in country SA.  Hopefully they will send me something I can put on the blog.    Guess we have our own TV Diva  now!
Khristina sent this one off last week but I could n’t work out how to save the picture off Facebook till Kylie told me how  – yes I am that pathetic!

Jacqui made a lovely soft and pretty quilt.

Kylie made a gorgeous “trip around the world” which is kind of appropriate.  This was requested by a hubby for his wife – don’t we love a thoughtful guy!

Pauline was extra brave and took on two quilts and laundry bags.

Love these laundry bag colours

And such bright pretty quilts

are going to be so welcome in their otherwise drab environment.

Carol pieced and Kelly quilted this great quilt.

We all know who these girls are – first Matilda

 and then Ruby!
What a bumper crop of quilts!  That brings our grand total to date up to 

415 quilts and 271 laundry bags!
Got to be happy with that!

And the last word goes to one of our recipients.

Carolynne sent off her lovely pink quilt and this week received a great thank you message AND photos!

I was absolutely thrilled to recieve the quilt and laundry bag which you made for me in the mail yesterday. Everyone gets excited on mail day, and I was extra excited when I saw the Aussie Hero Quilts label on the box. The pink and black are perfect for brightening up my bunk and making it feel more like home. I also love the patterns of the embriodery across the quilt, I imagine they took a lot of your time to create.

I wanted to thank you not only for the quilt, but for what it represents. We work long hours and live in cramped conditions and the time difference sometimes makes it hard to stay in touch with faily and friends. It is such a boost to know that people back in Australia support us and are thinking of us.

I have attached some pictures of the quilt on my bed and the laundry bag (already in use!) so you can see how much it brightens things up.

Again, thanks so much.

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!