685 Quilts 837 Laundry Bags to date!
100+ laundry bags this week!

Not all of them in the pictures as I don’t have pics yet or can’t spoil the surprise.

A little update.
For those of you sending goodies to our lovely ship-board friends they were hoping receive mail this week but it didn’t happen.  Next chance for mail will be some time late November.  Can you imagine! 
Sydney Aussie Heroes Dinner
At this stage we are looking at the weekend of the 8th or 9th for the dinner – venue to be decided depending on the numbers.  If you want to join us please email Caroline (aka Deputy Nut) on Caroline  on ca***********@gm***.com


I make it a rule to try and make sure that as many chaplains as possible receive quilts whilst they are deployed.  Mind you, they are such selfless people that it is often very hard to do that.  Here is a note from the wife of one that I had some success with.

As you can see from the photo below my husband is a chaplain who received an AHQ whilst he was deployed.  It was certainly an improvement from the Disney princess Doona he was using! Just thought you might like to know what happened to his, seeing as he is back in our queen sized bed.   🙂   It gets an awful lot of positive comments whenever people come over!  

 Thanx heaps ladies, it means a lot to the wives and children to know that others appreciate not only the sacrifice that our servicemen make but also the sacrifice we make going without our husband/daddy for months at a time.

This quilt top was the work of Sue from Mt Gambier and it was quilted and completed here in HQ AHQ.  
I love it when we hear from those who have received and find that our quilts are well loved after they come back as well.  
I just have to say….Disney Princess Doona cover?  Really?  
Only a Chaplain would get away with that!
On with the show!
Starting tonight’s parade of quilts and laundry bags we have a special quilt!  So special that I have to caution you that there is a story behind this one.  A really good story, but I won’t be able to share it for a couple of months.  I can’t even share who made it as it might give a sniff of the story away and I can’t risk that!  You will just have to wait.  
And don’t anyone bother asking for another quilt like this – it is a one off for a very special reason that is not likely to be duplicated in a hurry.  

Hilary is sending this one off this week with the following laundry bag.  She deserves special mention, as does Ruth from VIC as they have combined to create two lovely Quilts from some of our September BOM blocks which will be used for Fall Warrior Quilts.  Ruth pieced the blocks into quilt tops and then Hilary quilted them.  Photos to come at the appropriate time. 

Caroline has been busy finishing off and posting two quilts and laundry bags.   These are going to the same destination but I am wondering if you can guess where they are going – we have given you a hint!

Ruth made this lovely ensemble that is heading off today …

and check out the great labels she prints out to go on her box!

Donna has been sewing like crazy to get these four quilts and laundry bags off.

Love the half square triangles Donna – what size squares did you start with? 
I bet I am not the only one who wants to know.

Julie Ann has excelled this week, making and sending laundry bags

and more laundry bags

and one more laundry bag 

and last but not least a quilt.
Joy is a new Friend to the fold and she has sent off her first batch of laundry bags

Don’t you think this one is just “ducky”?

Karen B sent off this one – it was just perfect for someone who requested an Aussie Countryfied quilt for a friend if it were possible.

Kaye had this one sitting in the QUilts in Waiting file and it was just perfect for a fellow plus there is a great laundry bag but the  details  on it make it too identifiable and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Lynda and the Pilgrim Patchworkers have been busily stitching for the last part of this year and turned out 10 quilts and 13 laundry bags.  
All of them have headed off to the Post Office this week.

Love the wattle on this one- that is a new idea!

Two quilts out of the Quilts in Waiting File, this time made by Michelle, headed  off this week..

This one another of her lovely quilts featuring the Dorothy MacKellar Poem “My Country”.

Annie is another AHQ newbie, introduced to us by Kitty.  She has turned out 10 great laundry bags – some with Aussie icons on them!    Way to go Annie!’

Pauline is one of our fabulous laundry bag making ladies and I think these ones are going to go down a treat!
Peggy put this lovely quilt together from blocks made during a sewing day I attended at the Duntroon Community Centre.  Fabulous quilt ladies!+

 Rae made this gorgeous plaid quilt.  Don’t all the plaids make it look cozy.

 Wendy and Nan have been quietly beavering away.  First up a quilt by Nan.  Once simple kangaroo is all it needs to say “Australia”!

Then we have a whole gallery of their laundry bags.

 This one is going to be fought over I am sure!


Kirsty made this gorgeous pink and yellow dose of sunshine – 
it is certainly going to cheer someone’s room!

Terry is also a newbie to Aussie Heroes and bless her cotton socks she is going to come and help me join batting next week and I could not be more appreciative. We will get so much more done with the two of us working.  And it will be a lot more fun!

Deborah has also caught the laundry bag bug.  I think her grand total for posting this week will be 36 laundry bags and if I am wrong that will be 36 spread over two weeks – either way that is 36 guys and girls finding their laundry more easily and no doubt doing it with a smile on their dial coz someone took the time to make them a bag!
Way to go Deborah!

And I know there are only 15 photos there – sometimes the photos don’t make to me in time to publish – you will see them next week!

Deborah says – 

If I am asked why laundry bags My plagiarism of a classic poem expresses my response.
For Want of a Laundry Bag
For want of laundry bag a sock was lost.
For want of a sock some time was lost.
For want of some time some rest was lost.
For want of some rest a temper was lost.
For want of good temper a relationship was lost.
For want of a relationship the message was lost.
For want of the message the area was lost.
For want of the area the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the peace was lost.

All for the want of a laundry bag.
Deborah C

(If you want to see the original 14th Century poem look here)

Till next time……..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!