80 quilts and 198 laundry bags for 2013 
and 1026 quilts and 1565 laundry bags over all.
Please excuse minimal words tonight.  My new laptop has died πŸ™ and I am making do with the old one which is missing the “A” key!   Not happy Jan(Maree)!!

This is Liz B’s second version of this gorgeous quilt.

The next two are also more of Liz B’s work.

Belinda sent off another kangaroo quilted lovely!



 Joan has sent off her first AHQ!



Rita C


Peggy made this from blocks that Sue N sent her. 

Mary completed this quilt top and Tess quilted it.

And how about a few thank you messages for tonight as well  πŸ™‚
The following thank you is for Lesley L
Sorry for the late reply, I have been on leave.
I was very glad when I returned to have received you packages. The quilt and the laundry bag are wonderful, so was the rest of the little extras placed into the box. Thank you so much to you and to the rest of the ladies for doing this for me, I am really grateful.
The letter has not arrived as yet, but mail can be all over the place. Feel free to pass on my contact details if she would rather email me.
Thanks so much again for the ongoing support from yourself and your organisation. 

And one for Gail’s Southern Cross Quilt and my laundry bag and for the Team’s quilts from Nancy
Hi Jan,
Yes, I have received my monogrammed washbag and southern cross quilt. They are fantastic. Thank you.  All of my soldiers have received theirs approximately a week before I did. They are all really happy, and most importantly were all surprised when they arrived (all on the same day amazingly). 

And another one for Gail

“Today I received my Aussie Hero Quilt. It really warmed my heart to
receive such a wonderful gift. My friend organised it for me
as a surprise when I commented on his quilt. The horses are a wonderful
touch and I imagine would have been quite a difficult pattern to get. It
is going to make a wonderful memento of my time here in Afghanistan
Thank you so much for donating your time to do something for the
soldiers. I love walking into the laundry to see all the variety of
colourful laundry bags. It is the considerate and generous people like
yourself that make me love Australia and proud and willing to defend it.
Thank you again,
Warm regards,

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!