825 quilts and 1084 laundry bags to date!
Another great week.  Lots of gorgeous quilts and laundry bags heading off on their way this week.  Sit back and enjoy a browse!  I am continuing on with not writing a lot of comments.  Just where I think I need to.

This is Bev’s first Aussie Hero Quilt.  

And if I am not mistaken,  Dasha’s first quilt as well.  Dasha has quilted in the name of her recipient as well but I don’t want to show you for obvious reasons.

 Fran W

Rita M is also known as Granny Smith!

 Karen B

Liz J

This quilt top was pieced by Andrea of the Gumnut Quilters (my quilt group) from blocks leftover from a quilt made to raffle for the Fire Brigade.  I had to cut off a bit from the sides but I used them to widen the backing for the quilter (Thank you  Paul and Paula!)


Lynn sent me this quilt top and it was quilted by Kim.

 Margaret H from QLD appears on our list with two quilts and laundry bags

Melissa T made these two quilts and laundry bags and sent them to me out of the blue!  I managed to find a dolphin lover for this one!

Stephanie is responsible for these two cool laundry bags.
No prizes for guessing the occupation of the recipients!

Stephanie also sent off this quilt and laundry bag set as well – made in favourite football club colours.

Liz B has made a few bunched of laundry bags 

and a gorgeous quilt.

This is one of three quilts made by Anne that I didn’t know about till I was given them.  Love surprises like that!

This is one by me and one day, once it has been received, I will tell you the story behind this quilt!  In fact there are few quilts that have stories that can only be shared once received.

Another by me and another story to come

but in the interim a close up of some of the frames and a big thank you to Carol for quilting it even though the quilting does not show up well in the pics.

This is Leonie’s first quilt

I embellished it with a roo

and Kim quilted it with dragonflys.

These are Lesley’s quilts and a laundry bag: another new comer to AHQ.

Time for an update on FWQs

It has been a while since I updated you on where we are with the Wounded Warrior Quilts.  You will be pleased to know that the quilts for SGT Diddams’ family are almost completed.  Actually those for SGT Diddams’ wife, TA, and his daughter, Elle-Lou and son, Hens, are on their way to WA to be handed to the Chaplain who will hand them over.  I am dying to post photos as I am sure you all want to see them but just in case, with all the FWQs  I will wait till they have been received.  The quilt for SGT Diddams’ parents is sitting on my sewing maching, having received it back from Kelly from VIC and I hope to put the binding on it tonight and then I can send that on its way too.  Please remember that the  Diddams family receive a special amount of attention as they were our first Fallen Warrior Family but subsequent families will receive one quilt per family and these quilts will be made from the Block of the Month Blocks so that everyone can be involved.  I have six quilts from the huge number of blocks we received for the month of September.  Jill has assembled three of them, Ruth and Hillary combined to make two more and Janet made up four quilt tops and I chose one of them for the sixth quilt top which was quilted by Paul and Paula.   I think all the quilts are gorgeous.   I am currently liaising with the relevant chaplains to arrange delivery of these six.  Photos of the quilts once they have been delivered.

And to end tonight’s post a little bit of what we like best – feedback from the troops.  This message relates to a quilt that Marg made and sent.

Hi Jan-Maree,
My box arrived this morning with the quilt, laundry bag and Christmas stocking. I don’t even know where to start! They are just incredible. I cannot thank you enough! The quilt is so personalised i feel so loved. You have no idea how much they mean to me… i began to get a bit emotional at the thought of the amount of time and effort and love put into the quilt laundry bag and stocking. My boss laughed and said its like they know you… I love Christmas and when i pulled out that Christmas stocking i thought i was the luckiest girl in the world!
Again thank you so much! Photos to follow.
 We are a very lucky country to have supporters like you and your team!

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!