Woo Hoo!  
We made it to 100 folllowers on the blog and 309 on facebook!
27 new facebook followers this week!  Love it!
Keep spreading the word!

Not so many quilts to show for this week but don’t be deceived as there is a lot of furious paddling going on under the surface so to speak, particularly with spreading the word around the Defence Force and preparing for my trip to Canberra.  Also there are still approximately 17 quilts under construction  as the result of personal requests. 

Please note that if you post a picture on facebook I  may not be able to save it (for reasons I have no clue about!  Not sure if that is my lack of technical expertise or just the way it is set up)   Please email me photo as a jpg file so that I can save it with the rest of the catalogue of Aussie Hero Quilts and also add it to the blog.  I think there may be one of two that have missed out this week for this reason.

First up we have Wendy’s quilt
and laundry bag.
You will find a link to visit Wendy’s blog below.
Karen B made these laundry bags and sent them on their merry way.

Caroline made this cool laundry bag to with with 

 this floral quilt and popped them in the mail today.

Caroline also sent off this quilt featuring one of our donated teatowels today as well.

I made this quilt – the colours are RAEME colours (except the white but I threw that in because I had to tie in the white on the flag).  I can only show this quilt because this request came from this fellows partner – the very day he left – and he has no idea it is coming.

This is the back – the tool fabric is really appropriate for this guy!

And this is his laundry bag – RAEME colours and more appropriate fabric!  
Yep!  I had fun with these!

And saving the best for last – 


Erika sent off a quilt recently and this week she received a great thank you email from the happy new owner.

Thank you so much for the quilt you made for me (great job) it has pride and place in my room.
I have included 2 photos of me showing off your work.   By the way I am not a Soldier, I am in the Air force as a Warrant Officer (WOFF) we all work together over here as one team. I am in charge of troops who are all mechanics, we service all aircraft related machinery.   We all are glad to here of people like yourself who are thinking of us over here
 So glad you like it!

A month ago Marg from WA made this laundry bag for an Eagles mad lady!   Marg and I have been waiting eagerly for it to be received but the recipient had some time off so we had to wait a little longer than normal!  At last we heard that she received it.

Check out the detail on the Eagle!!!

And here is the response!

I returned from my mid tour break today and my wonderful laundry bag and goodies were waiting for me! Thank-you so much, I love the laundry bag, it is perfect! And yes Marg – after that flogging by Sydney last weekend, I might need to turn it inside out occasionally. I am going to have to keep hitting the gym to work off all those tim tams – thank-you so much!

Thanks again for the lovely laundry bag – you ladies do a fantastic job and your efforts are appreciated by everyone over here.

Great job Marg!

Check this out to read Wendy’s take on our get together in Melbourne.  Here’s hoping I can meet a few Aussie Hero Friends, or recruit some, in Canberra next month.

And for the very last word…

And I think you all might like this too – -found in the latest Down Under Quilts Issue 153.

Can’t read the fine print?  Here let me help! 

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!