707 Quilts 885 Laundry Bags to date!

Amy heads up our parade tonight with two laundry bags – check out the purple one!  
LOVE that fabric

 Anne created this fun laundry bag.

Check this out!  Marg is back in fine form!  If you can’t read the writing on the little pieces the words on the left say “5 Gallons ENEMA Hot and Soapy” and the patch on the right says “Trust me I am a Nurse!”

And she got in the Christmas Spirit with a stocking!

 Chris sent off the next two quilts.

Liz B created these two dramatically different quilts and sent them off this week.

 Deborah sent off a bunch of laundry bags this week.

and these!
Gayle sent off her first AHQ – love those colours!

 Naomi sent off this quilt, made by the lovely ladies from the Berri Uniting Church,

and also created the next two laundry bags

and this striking quilt.

 Julie Ann has made some cute laundry bags this week. 

Someone is going to have fun with the soccer one.
Certainly one of a kind!  No lost laundry with this one!

 Karen B sent another batch off this week as well.

 Nancy was able to find a purple lover a quilt.

 Robyn created this cool blue and brown quilt.

Deb sent off this awesome Aussie LB – the other side is blue with the initials on it.

Judi is another new Aussie Hero Friend.  She has been quilting AH quilts for Deb (above) and has decided to make some of her own.  She sent one of these lovely laundry bags off this week and there is now a gorgeous feminine quilt in the Quilts in Waiting File to go with the other laundry bag when the time comes.

Paula and Paul are new to AHQ as well and they has jumped in with both feet.  Paula has made a bunch of quilts and the two of them have also volunteered to quilt for us as well.
You will read more about them next week – too many things to post about with BOMS and the like this week.

 Pauline made this great quilt and she has called it 

“Six White Boomers”
Love it!
Terry not only came to help me on Tuesday but also made this laundry bags – 
love the BMX ones!

Heather H sent in this great quilt top which Carol quilted and it has gone to a Magpies fan!
Wendy and Nan are back again this week with three more laundry bags.

 This is Ruby’s first quilt and she has since made one more.

Kitty made these two gorgeous quilts – and I love the photo settings too!

Stephanie sent off this ensemble.  

I thought these letters must have been embroidered which, I might add is exactly what Stephanie wanted me to think, (LOL) but they are printed!  Very pretty either way.

And to round off a good post nothing beats a photo of one of our heroes with their new quilt 
and this one is from HMAS ANZAC!

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!