Welcome to another bumper week!  
You have all done so well!  
Great job ladies!

Before I start the parade of quilts and laundry bags for this week can I tell you that having the Aussie Hero Friends Register is really making my life SO MUCH EASIER!  If you are not on it please send me your details, name, contact, email (please) and address and phone number or whatever you are comfortable with.  It is so much easier for me to find you again when I need to get back to you.

A few people have said that they are happy to put blocks together but so far I haven’t received any 500g pre-paid bags.   If you are still interested please let me know or I will send blocks elsewhere..

I have the names for the ANZAC quilts but am waiting for a couple more details for the addresses.  I don’t yet have confirmation if they would like laundry bags as well as a quilt.  If you do not wish to make a laundry bag that is fine.  Just let me know when I email you the name and address.   I have ladies who only make laundry bags so that is fine.  Will keep you posted.  Hoping to send your ANZAC recipient’s details in the next few days!

Laundry bags and quilts are heading off from all over the place this week.

Melissa  made these three laundry bags as part of the The Sewing Library charity drive.

Janine from Queensland made these laundry bags and just got them sent off in time because this week she had an accident at work and broken her arm!  
Here’s to a speedy recovery Janine!

A lovely new Aussie Hero Friend, Pam  from VIC, made the next three quilts as her son’s request.  He is a serving member and told his mum about us!  They are going to his friends who are deployed at the moment.  Kudos to your son by the way, Pam!

Pam also sent laundry bags, of course.

This gorgeous quilt by Canberra Quilters headed off this week to a lovely sounding young lady.

 Carolynne D’s gorgeous quilt headed off too

Fran from VIC managed to get this in the mail with ten minutes to spare!  Go Fran!

The Penrith ladies and I managed to churn this lot out last Sunday 

and I sent them on their merry way.

Caroline has also been busy sewing laundry bags – she seems to find some of the best fabrics!

Marg has the best fence for her pictures but she has to wait till the cows are not around

See what I mean?  Cute calf!

And this is her second lot!

This was made by Vanessa – isn’t it cheery!

I made this one and it was sent a few weeks ago but I couldn’t share it in case it recipient cottoned on.  I still don’t know if he reads the blog but as he knew I was making his quilt If he did read it he might have twigged!

This fellow was one of the bosses who asked for some quilts for his team and when they arrived  he had the fun of surprising his staff with them.  

First let me pass on my heartfelt thanks to you and your teams. I’m sure you have heard this many times but thank you, thank you, oh thank you. It’s so nice to know that there are people back at home who do think about the guys and girls up here, away from their families, doing what is asked from them and often in very difficult circumstances.

Maria made this quilt top and Ellie was kind enough to quilt it.

Nancy sent this off – another lovely 9 patch quilt.

Sue P sent me some 6 1/2″ strips which were made up into the next two quilts.  Then it dawned on me that a southern cross would take them up a notch so thank you to Caroline who volunteered to do it! 

These three quilts have headed off to the Special Operations Task Group – I have been trying to send 3-5 quilts every fortnight to them plus laundry bags every week or so as they are working hard, have been some of my greatest encouragement in the past and do not tend to ask for things.

Today two of our ladies, Liz and Kaye received lovely thank you letters from their Commanding Officer which I have copied for you.

Please accept my thanks on behalf of the Special Operations Task Group for taking the time to make quilts for our soldiers serving here in Afghanistan.  The outpouring of support for our personnel from home all year round has been most humbling and the packages are always greatly appreciated.  

Thanks to the generosity of people such as yourself, we have enough quilts to last us for the next year.  ( I know how many we have sent them and that is exaggerated!)  We feel very privileged for the support.

Even though the weather has warmed up and the need for quilts lessens, gifts such as yours remind the women and men deployed to Afghanistan that their efforts do not go unnoticed.

Thank you again for your generous contribution.

This quilt top was made by Andrea and quilted by me and then it hung in the Country Pickins shop till they closed down recently.  A southern cross was added and then this was sent off too.

Naomi made this fabulous quilt!  Love that guitar fabric.

This is another of Liz’s gorgeous quilts with her trademark kangaroo.

And of course a laundry bag to go with it!
Gosh I wish I had bought some of this fabric when I saw it cheap!

Angela of Chatting Chooks fame made these cool laundry bags!  Love those ironing boards – better on a laundry bag than under a school shirt I have to iron!

Karen B sent off another batch of laundry bags.

Khristina made this different version of the old favourite, the disappearing nine patch.

Leonie out did herself for this Roosters fan!

Now my sister in law made this bright cheery quilt top and Karen D was kind enough to quilt this one 

as well as her own creation!  Love the colours in this one; really earthy!

Well, I told you it was a bumper crop!

Blocks have started to come in for the Diddams quilts and also some of the BOMs.  
Stay tuned to see pics next week!

Friday Sewing Day
Three of us are getting together to sew next Friday at my home.  If there is anyone else who would like to join us email me for details.  We start at 9-ish and finish around 1pm.

Tally check!
466 quilts and 369 laundry bags!

Happy Dance!

Till next time…….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!