924 quilts and 1270 laundry bags to date!
Another great week!

Just to round off the statistics 58 quilt requests are underway.
Caroline and I put this quilt top together.  The centre is actually two pieced panels that were donated by my friend, Del.  Caroline and I used material donated by the Original Aussie Hero’s wife, Jenny to border it and back it and then Caroline quilted it on her new Sweet 16 (the teenager she calls it) and bound it.
And Caroline made the cute laundry bag to go with it.
Caroline made the four patches for this one and then we pieced the top together.  We took the quilt to Kim for quilting –
Don’t you love the quilting.  For once I chose a backing that would show off the quilting.
When Kim found out that the recipient loves Dr Seuss she donated this piece of Xmas fabric so what else would you do with it but make a santa sack laundry bag to send along with the bag!
Made by Carolynne, no prizes for guessing what team this guy supports!

Fran T made this for a dog lover – can you tell?

Julie Ann

wine corks – don’t you love it!
Lynn F made the top and it was awesomely quilted by Paul and Paula with aircraft and yes, it has gone to a RAAFie!
Margaret H
Rita M a.k.a Granny Smith!
spot the obvious error!
Must be sailing Down Under!
Too Cute!
more cuteness
Liz B
Lynne M

Marg from WA
Liz  – can’t show you any more as we just don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Tess from SA has been sewing laundry bags to send to her handsome husband to hand out to his mates

but this week she received something in return!
A gorgeous picture of three very happy looking recipients!
Great job Tess!

Dear Jan-Maree

I recently received a surprise parcel from you which I am very appreciative of!  I was not expecting any parcels at that time which made it all the better! As it gets cold here (we had snow on the mountains last night) the quilt has pride of place on my bed and I use my laundry bag everyday.  I’m one of the very few RAAFies attached to XXXX so it is even better to have a blue themed bag!

Both myself and wife are also in the RAAF so it is great to hear that you and your husband were both in the military. We are in XXXX at the moment and really enjoy it there (when I am home!!)
I am also writing to ask a favour. One of my good friends over here saw my quilt and is very jealous of me!
I was wondering if it would be possible to order her a quilt and laundry bag. Her name is XXXXX and she also ‘borrows’ mine if we get a night off to watch a movie or something!
 I am not sure what patterns or material you have but anything with horse’s would be great!
It is a great thing that you have started up it is always exciting to get mail especially when you are not expecting it.  Do you accept donations? I would like to help out and with my knitting skills I would be no good at any hands on work!,
 I hope you and your family have a great Christmas,

So, anyone want to do a horse themed quilt for a girl?
EDIT – just found out she is coming home fairly early so a quilt would need to be in the mail by Christmas.  That is a big ask so please only put your hand up if you are sure you can make the deadline.

Hi Jan-Maree
Sorry that I have not got back to you sooner. I have been travelling and when I returned I was welcomed with the package from your foundation.
Please pass on my sincere thanks to Leonie and the other ladies who sowed their magic into such a beautiful  quilt. The Kangaroo is a lovely touch too.  The laundry bag is so nice that I don’t want to put my dirty smelly clothes inside –  I am currently using it as a pillow!
Thank you for your generosity, this is an amazing foundation.

This next thank you message refers a quilt and laundry bag that Keryn made.

My quilt and laundry bag have arrived and it the best thing I’ve been given in a long time, I absolutely LOVE IT!
Thank you for the time effort in creating these things it is greatly appreciated.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas an a great new year.
Thank you so much.

And just before I go  – here is a sample of the emails that make this such a great job to be doing.  I just received this request yesterday.

I have seen lots of soldiers around with your quilts. They are absolutely fantastic!!  My boss is XXXXXXX and he is very jealous of his room mates quilts. He urged me to write to you and kindly ask if we could both have one? I am constantly blown away by the kindness of groups such as yours, who without doubt bring a great deal of morale to the soldiers here. These quilts are treasured by even the toughest soldiers! 

I love that bit about the toughest soldiers!  Just makes my day!

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!