First up – thanks to my teenagers prowess (?) with their computers we are all out of data or I should say the speed has been slowed WAY down so I currrently have 13 emails trying valiantly to get through to me and they are not having much success.  My suggestion would be that unless you have anything urgent to tell me you might like to wait till Monday when my data pops back up again!  Seriously, you would think 500GB would be enough!  Apparently not!

One to a more happy subject, these are the quilts that went on their merry way this week.  You probably remember Kirsten’s super cool first ever quilt!  The Tetris quilt went up on facebook as soon as it was finished in a quest to find the perfect owner for it and it was snapped up in minutes!  It went off with the cool camo laundry bag (thanks to Sue for donating that fabric!).  The camo fabric is also the back for this quilt.  Just right I would think.
This little lovely, being expertly displayed by Gail, its maker, is on its way to Egypt right now.  This was quilted by Donna, who is a professional quilter here in Sydney and she has kindly offered to quilt for us from now on.  Thanks so much Donna!
Wendy pieced this one and Denise quilted it.  I put this one up on facebook too in the hopes of finding a nice home for it seeing as it is a girly one and it was also snapped up very quickly.  Someone who works at Edinburgh, the RAAF base in SA saw it and asked if it could be sent to a friend of hers over there.
I sent this one off early in the week and it has landed on the Head Chaplain’s desk. He has told me he has given it to a chaplain to take to the FOB – which I think means Forward Operating Base – you can take that to mean it will end up in the hands of someone who really deserves it!

This is rather fitting seeing as this is one of the May BOM quilts.  Can’t beat a tradtional quilt for looking cozy and comforting!
This one has headed off to Egypt.  It was made by me with strips from Gumnuts and Sue P and I really like the colours in this.  
This one was made by Cynthia and was handed to a young woman as she arrived home.  The young lady, that we call “Cupcake Girl” as she has a small cupcake tattoo was serving with Cynthia’s son who is due to come home very soon.
And finally this one was made especially for an Aussie Hero Friend’s son-in-law.  My data is too slow to send her an email to see if she is happy for me to identify her but it doesn’t really matter.  Liz made this one  as Mother-in-law had run out of time but MIL had the pleasure of handing it over in person.
Well, that is it for this week.  Aussie Hero Sewing Day in Penrith tomorrow so I am off to pack up for it and make sure I have everything I need cut out etc.  We will be quilting two quilts and the new ladies will be sewing laundry bags and, if we get that far, wonky log cabins. 

I won’t be posting tomorrow night, and possibly not Sunday night thanks to the DATA DROUGHT!!!!!

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!