No pictures today.  It has been a cool really wet day today – so wet at one point today that I had to pull into a carpark while I was driving to wait for the rain to ease so that I could see where I was going – love it when I am at home inside – not so good on the roads.  Of course, Guitar Hero, who is an expert in all things, advised me that it was totally unnecessary for me to wait out the rain!  And he would know – he has so much driving experience – pity there is no windshield on his computer!

Still, once I got home I got stuck into quilting.  So far I have quilted four quilts today – two last night – that makes 6 of the 12 that were layered on Wednesday.  Two quilts are bound!  Hooray!  I am only going to show you each quilt as it is bound and finished!!!

Watch this space  – apart from playing to taxi driver tomorrow for both boys I have the rest of my day for quilting and binding and I am planning to get at least 8 of the 12 completed.  And the way my boys are going off at the moment I am so glad they will be out for a good part of tomorrow – at different times!!!  That means more peace for me!  Ahhhhhh!

Till next time…….happy stitching!

P.S. pics tomorrow I promise