First up – Has anyone been to the post office today?  
We have 7 more posting days to go.
Tracey sent off a gorgeous quilt (which you can see here) and she made a laundry bag to go with it. 
Tracey said the stripey fabric reminded her of icecream with chocolate sauce – Hmmm I am thinking Vienetta.
What do you think?

Cathy sent these pictures too.

Check out the fabulous gumleaves quilted on the plain strip!  So Australian!
If anyone has had trouble sending me photos please let me know.  I have had a bit of a problem with bigpond (there is a shock!!!) and when Cathy tried to send me her photos she got a message telling her my mail box was full!  Not likely!  Anyway I rang bigpond and and gave them what for and they seem to have fixed to problem.  Please drop me a line if you have any similar problems (and woe betide bigpond if you do!)
And now to today!   We had an AHQ sewing day!  No-one new came  – too little notice but that is fine.  I am expecting at least one new lady next time and that will be exciting!
Del and Cynthia came today and we got stuck into layering quilts first up.
Number one was the golf quilt that I have been working on.
Number two is a real Aussie flavoured quilt I think – this is a standby WWQ- i.e. it will be sent when replacement quilts are needed. 
How is this for a gorgeous backing and the colours were just perfect for this quilt!
 Number three is a lovely jelly roll quilt top by Angela.  Love those colours.
 That was good but I have to say the best part of the day was getting the BOM quilt tops put together. It took every minute we had for the day but we just managed to get all the borders on and get them ironed.  These were all loose blocks at the beginning of the day.  I think this is my favourite,
 but I love the softness of this one and the golden yellow really bring it to life.
 I love the fact that these two are both nine patch quilts but they look so different.  The fact that all the middle and corner blocks of these nine patches are dark and they are paired with cream or white squares you get a secondary pattern!  So cool!
No way did i think we would get these three quilt tops completed today!  Yay!!!!
And to end the sewing day nicely I looked in the letter box and there was a parcel of this Oh So Cute fabric from Marg for our little girls quilt!  Soooo Cute!  Thanks Marg