Time for this weeks Quilts of the Week!

but first the tally now stands at
Ta Da!!!

583 Quilts 637 Laundry Bags to date! 

Liz H from WA made this wonderful scrap quilt!

This is Cheryl’s first quilt and laundry bag for Aussie Heroes. 
Great job Cheryl!
Amy made these two laundry bags for two fellows who didn’t receive them with their quilts.  Thanks Amy!

Beth made this fabulous disappearing nine patch quilt with a Bandanna centre.

And just to show you great minds think alike here is another Bandanna quilt – 
this one a Wounded Warrior Quilt by Kaye.

Chris made the next two quilts to send off.

Janine stitched up these these great bright laundry bags.  
Won’t these be easy to find!


Kaye is back with another great quilt.

Linda sent this lovely bright quilt

and this striking quilt off to a fellow on HMAS ANZAC.  Now just for comments that I have heard and I will not divulge my sources, it seems that this guy is a bit of a character and I think this laundry bag looks just perfect for him!

Linda also made this lovely lime and pink quilt and it is destined for a female pilot!  You go girl!  I was in the RAAF when they had the first female pilot!  Back then we never thought it would happen!

And this is the laundry bag to go with it.
Rae made this wonderful indigo quilt 

and a fabulous laundry bag to go with it.

Marie sent this quilt off.

Karen B sent off this ensemble – note the tea towel forming half of the laundry bag.

Kelly and Chris united again to send off these two.

Here is another look at Michelle’s wonderful “My Country” quilt.

Nancy and her wonderful crew sent off this lovely blue quilt.

Peggy put some of our Strippy String BOM blocks together and made this bright cheery quilt – you should recognize some of them Bernice.  

Alison has been very busy – in spite of living in the chaos that is a how under renovations she has managed to complete five quilts and laundry bags and they have all hit the mail this week.

I can’t show you the fourth and fifth laundry as someone who knows the recipient watches the blog I think so no risks!

Now Denise from WA is a new Aussie Hero Friend and this is her first wonderful quilt!  I hope she has more scraps at hand as I love the bright colours.

And her recipient is going to love his two sided laundry bag!  

and Back!

Well, we have had Eagles laundry bags and now we have a Brisbane Lions quilt!  In fact this is called “My Three Loves” by none other than Jill.  The three loves are fishing, Australia and the Brisbane Lions.  I am actually surprised that this one made it in the mail given that several members of Jill’s family are Brisbane fans!
And I just have to tell you that this is Mark 2 of this quilt – the first one was in the binding stage and Jill spilt a whole bottle of olive oil over it!  Can you believe it – so what do you do?  You just make another one!
And then Jill moved on to this one!  She has called this one “A Roo loose in the top Paddock”.
This is actually half a jelly roll quilt – the other half was sent off to ANZAC with purple borders!

Now allow me to introduce you to Jill’s daughter Siobhan 

and her best friend Sally!

Also know as B1 and B2!
This is what they got up to yesterday and last night!

I won’t tell you what they got up to today but let’s just say I gave them some more sewing as I felt they needed to be kept out of trouble – and yes, Jill is counting down the days till school starts again!

Wow! Another great week of quilts and an even bigger one coming up next week – just wait and see.  Lots of new facebook followers this week so here are a few recommendations for our new Friends.  Make sure you check out the information pages on the blog.  Just under the heading there are all sorts of useful pages – history, quilt specifics, posting info and lots more.  I strongly recommend you read the Intro to Aussie Heroes.

Hopefully, I will write a couple of posts in advance for this Sunday night and Monday night while I am away depositing my son at his new boarding school. That is unless anyone wants to write a tutorial for me to post…….or is there something that you want to hear about that I haven’t told you or that you want me to go over again or tell you more about.  Just let me know.

And a little something for you to ponder over the weekend – 

Good Morning Jan-Maree, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  As I was telling my mum it really is the small things here that make or break you… Getting the bottom bunk after being on the top… Having the water turned back on so you can shower and the pride that I feel when I see the boys returning in the gates from being outside… 
And the special things that ladies do for us while we are here,,, 

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!