Welcome to Quilts of the Week for March 15th

The tally so far-

 13 quilts this week and 51 laundry bags.

260 quilts and 622 laundry bags for 2013

1261 quilts and 1987 laundry bags in total

Let’s start tonight’s list of quilts off with this lovely Southern Cross quilt by Hilary.

When you send a quilt top or even a completed quilt top to me to finish or send off there is a chance that it may receive some applique attention before it hits the road.  Sometimes it is possible for me to personalise a quilt really easily with a bit of applique for someone specific.  For example, this quilt made by Carol, received a Phoenix as the fellow it is going to is at Camp Pheonix.

This quilt top was made by Joy.  I quilted it and then appliqued the black swan as requested and as luck would have it, the state colours of WA are black and gold!

This is another joint effort.  I made the top and back and then sent them up to Belinda who quilted them for me.  This is for Mr 6’8″ and that is how long his quilt is.

I just have to show you Belinda’s awesome quilting – I am so glad they show up so well on the flag!

This quilt is by Janelle.  We are hoping this will go to a helicopter crewman.

This gorgeous quilt was made by Jean D and this is her first Aussie Hero Quilt.

One by me!
Julie Ann so liked making the 80’s blocks that we did a while ago that she made a few more and ended up with a quilt full!
More of Julie Ann’s work

Melbourne Storm must be popular – this version by Kylie!

Another by Kylie

The next three batches of Laundry Bags are from Karen B.  Sorry about the blurry shot  – I just could not get it to save any clearer.

Louise made the following quilt top and it was quilted by DeEmEss.  I had to crop the bottom off so as not to spoil the surprise.

Maddy made this for an Extra Long fellow.
Maddy also sent off these laundry bags.

This lovely quilt was completed by Sheree, a newbie to AHQ.  

 I just have to share the gorgeous extra little details that Sheree included.

Sheree also stitched in the recipient’s name but I had to crop that out for obvious reasons.

Stephanie made this next six laundry bags 

Don’t you love the Space Invader!!!  It came from this blog and because Stephanie is super AWESOME she has stitched another one and is sending it to me to include in this fellow’s quilt!!!

Sue N completed a dozen laundry bags this week, but I am only showing 8 because she made two of each of the first batch.

I have one very special thank you message for you all to share tonight.  This one was sent to Joan who is actually mum to one of our HMAS ANZAC heroes.  She is now making laundry bags and she received this most wonderful thank you message.   I just had to write and ask permission to share it almost in its entirety as it really speaks to why we need to keep doing what we are doing as well as it goes some way to explaining just how we are benefiting the troops in more ways than one.

Hi Joan and Robin,

 I’d like to thank you for the DVD and laundry bag that I received yesterday. Mail is always appreciated, and unexpected mail is an absolute joy. Whilst I have not had a chance to watch any of the DVD I have scheduled some time later in the week to watch it in part. Having 12-14 hour work days, seven days a week does much to accomplish moving forward with the mission, but leaves little time for relaxation, and whilst XXXX has some scenic majesty (in parts) it does not offer any entertainment, so I am looking forward to an opportunity to sit down and be amused. I also appreciate the laundry bag, for whilst I have deployed to several other areas than this in my career I have found one thing in common that leaches away the human spirit, and that is the sheer lack of colour other than a range of greys and browns. Although there are 37 different nations represented in this camp, the colour choice tends to be drab greys and browns (with a few Aussies in hues of green) all in dull camouflage pattern.The buildings are all beige and grey (when not covered in snow they are shrouded in dust), so being able to return to my room at night and see such a splash of colour as this bag provides does a lot to maintain a sense that this is all temporary and there is much to look forward to once the deployment finishes. I thank you for your gifts and appreciate the effort that you have made.


Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!