You know how proud you feel when you watch your little babies feed themselves for the first time, and get at least some of it in their mouths.  And then they start to use words, and crawl and walk and each new milestone you are just so sure that no other baby has ever been as clever as yours!

You expose them to new things and before you know it they have grasped on and are up and running.

They get a new toy and they are learning new skills in no time. 
Just baby steps at first.

Sometimes they go too far, or try too hard, or get too tired and you just have to watch and let them learn….
(First quilting injury, must concentrate when using sewing machine)

You are so proud when they get back up again and jump right back in.

Once again in the blink of an eye they have learned to put the puzzle together or built a house with their blocks.

They make new friends and those friends teach them new things 

(like basting and layering
and putting on boarders

and even quilting in the ditch!)

Yep, you feel so proud!

If you don’t know Chelle you have really missed out!

Chelle started out as the Post Mistress for the Australian Contingent in Egypt – at least that is where we first met her on that magnificent Video.  
If you haven’t seen it yet you really need to go and check it out!

As soon as Chelle came home from Egypt she started learning to quilt!  First a few blocks, then a few more and before you know it a quilt top and then on to Jelly Rolls and more.

This weekend Chelle got together with Kylie, another one of our lovely Aussie Hero Friends, (the lady responsible for last month’s BOM that you all liked so much).  Kylie got Chelle started with Quilting in the Ditch..

and showed her how to make hexagon flowers.

Chelle needs a take-along project and hexagons are pretty good for that!

Keep on going Chelle – we can’t wait to see what you do next!

And on a completely different subject….

A little while ago the chaplain “over there” gave me a list of about 25 sets of initials for laundry bags which were divided up between Caroline and her sewing group, the Nine Patchers, the ladies who sew at Penrith with me and a couple of others.  In a couple of weeks Caroline received a thank you message from a guy who received one of them.  He was asked if he would like a quilt and the answer came back “yes please”.   Deb had just finished her first Aussie Hero Quilt and it was perfect for a Navy fellow in the desert so off it went.  Here is what he said after he received it.

I was delighted to receive the Hero quilt today- thank you very much. It is absolutely fantastic! My Boss, XXXXX is an unlikely self professed expert on quilt quality and his keen eye was very impressed with the outstanding quality of the quilt.   I suggested that the quilt is now a XXXXX family heirloom and he should remove his eyes forthwith! 

I have shown my boys via skype and they were very excited about it and we decided that on my first night back in Australia we will have a family movie night and all sit under the quilt. 

Please pass my thanks to Deb for her great work.   I am sincerely thankful for quilt and it will always serve as a reminder of my time over here. 

All the best to you all and please know that your support makes a big difference to us over here! I have attached a photo of the quilt on my bed. 

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

He is not the first person I know who plans to spend his time at home sharing his quilt with his children.  How special!

If I am a bit slow answering emails or Facebook messages tonight and over the next couple of days, that will be because I am on the road.  

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!