What a productive day we have out at Penrith Patchwork on Sunday.  The final number of laundry bags completed was 22 and Pam even took the last dozen kits home with her to finish!   Let me tell you, that was a lot of laundry bags to cut out!

When it is not boring to hang out a basket of laundry?

 When it is a basket of LAUNDRY BAGS that’s when!

Se those black ones with the funny brown shapes on them?  Fried Chicken Legs!  LOL

This is Carolyn.  She is a Penrith Patchwork regular and came to join in for the day. We will be seeing more of her as I don’t think we managed to scare her off.

One lady we won’t be seeing anything of is Karen, another new lady, but only because she refused to let me photograph her!
She did let me take a picture of her quilt top though – using this month’s BOM pattern!  She bought backing for it before she left for the day and this is going to be a lovely quilt!

Judith is another regular!  She is one of those lovely helpful people who comes and collects a couple of quilts to bind or some laundry bags to sew together, then drops them off completed and takes away more to work on!  On Sunday she gave me a dog handler quilt top – I will have to wait till it is finished to show you as if it already off being quilted by Carol.

The next Penrith Sewing Day is scheduled for Sunday the 16th of September.  Again it will be from 10-3pm (or when we have had enough!).  Instead of working laundry bags we will be sewing a quilt top and maybe even getting it layered and pinned.  I will be supplying all the fabrics, I will have a pattern all sorted out and off we go with out machines.  Something simple like Disappearing nine patches etc

And now for a few lovely messages that you might have read if you follow us on facebook but you might not have seen if you don’t and I don’t want you to miss out!

First up this one came in last night

I would like to pass on a msg my son sent me to pass on the Aussie Heroes

Thank you to Aussie Heroes and a very big thank you to Kirsten.  I had been having a bit of a sad day the day before receiving a parcel from home from someone I had never met.  I received a quilt, laundry bag and some goodies.  I opened the letter and read about your organisation and a little bit about Kirsten.  I immediately had a smile on my face and my day was much better.  The boys in my room gathered around and were amazed as well.  Thank you for making a hard time a little easier.  
Yours sincerely XXXXX

And then I read this one this morning

Thank you to all the helpers at Aussie Hero Quilts for all your efforts for our men and women.  As Nonna of the family that spent the weekend with you I know how much you all mean to our defense team overseas and their families.
How can you not have a good day with you receive messages like that!

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching.