Hi all,
Well we have had a load of new requests which is very exciting.  I am working really hard to get more requests and still keep the balance between the number of quilts and the number of requests.  We also have lots of new Friends, as we call those that sew with us.  Now, for you newbies, WELCOME!  I think you have joined a very friendly group sewing for some wonderful people.  

If you are new you might like to send me your contact details so that I can add you to the register of Friends and you also might like to be added to the email list for Volunteers.  I have a consolidated email address that I use when I receive some requests and put them “out there” for someone to take up.  I also use this email address to pass on information that is not appropriate or is too personal to post on the blog.  

If you want to be included on either list just email me – fr**********@gm***.com

Last night I emailed all on the list and let them know that we are getting lots of requests and asked them to let me know if they have a quilt they would like me to keep in mind when allocating requests.  Of course the same applies to any of you new ladies.  The cut off date for sending quilts that should arrive in time for Christmas is December first.  I was told December second but that is a Sunday and I don’t know about you but my post office doesn’t open on Sundays. 

Just before I move on can I also suggest that if you are new to Aussie Heroes you take the time to read the page listed above just under the heading called Intro to Aussie Heroes.  There is a lot of info in there that help you understand how we work.

Now on to some fun stuff.  Our first ever Aussie Hero Dinner!
Here are the details:

Saturday 8 December 
630 for 7pm.

at the Bistro
Hornsby RSL
4 High St

We thought this would be a good option for many reasons.   It is affordable.   We can be very flexible with the numbers changing them at the last minute if people find they can come.  
We can sit and after our meal as long as we want.  I
t’s close to the train station for those travelling by public transport and it has lots of parking. 
We can chat to our hearts content and won’t disturb anyone.
We tried to book our own function room, but left that option a little late, maybe next year !!
If you are a definite please get back to Caroline (aka Deputy Nut ca***********@gm***.com) and she will add your name(s) to the list.
A little more news
Bern J from Queensland is one of our Friends and she was recently featured on The Gen X Blog – I thought you would all be interested in seeing some of her lovely quilts and you can check them on on the post here.  You can also check out her own blog, gorgeously named Spoilt Dog Quilts here if you would like to see what she has been up to.

Now this isn’t a Friend of the Day post but I wanted to introduce you to TWO new Friends and our FIRST MALE FRIEND!!!

Meet Paul 

And Paula.

These are the two lovely people that I drove down to meet a week ago.  I left them with 12 quilts (yes, Twelve!) to quilt.  They have their own Long Arm quilting business and understand the benefit of what we are doing as they have a son-in-law in the Navy and their daughter has only just left the Navy.  They have other friends and relatives in the services too – I just can’t specifically remember all the connections and I don’t want to get it wrong.  

Two long arm machines!  What an awesome sight!  Actually I think I should have taken some more photos.  Next time I will.  Both of their machines have names on them and Paul told me a cute story about them so I asked him to write it down so I could share it with you.

When Paula and I retired from the police force, we were too young to stop working and tried to figure out what we would do for the remainder of our lives.   Paula had a background in fashion design and somewhere along the way she became interested in quilting.  I got dragged around from quilt show to quilt show and I got to see men operating the long arm quilting machines. Now some of these guys were ex truckies, miners etc so I thought, this is a manly type of job if I’ve ever seen one.  I had always promised myself that when I retired I would buy a “Harley” as that seemed to be the thing that most guys my age did. So when I got part of my super payout, I bought the first machine and named him Harley.
We worked with that machine for about 6 years, but were always arguing over who was going to do the quilting, so the decision was made to buy a second machine.  About 2 years ago, Rose came to live with us. In keeping with that old JoJoZep song, “Harley & Rose” were lovers, and they have been together ever since. The end.
Told you it was cute!

So welcome Paul and Paula and also Harley and Rose!  
So glad you have you along for the ride.
Now I received this lovely thank you from a fellow who received a gorgeous quilt from Michelle and he has also written to her personally. 

Hi Jan-Maree 

I am honoured to now be the proud owner of an Aussie Hero quilt and have been showing it off to all in my work area. It is obvious that a tremendous amount of work goes into making the quilts and I feel privileged to now be the owner of one. You, and the ladies who make and send us these gifts are wonderful people. I will be sending Michele an email to thank her personally for the wonderful quilt that she made for me, and the laundry bag, what can I say, to get one covered in Ford ranger 4WD’s and I actually own a ford ranger, It was wonderful. 

Thankyou very much for sending me a quilt

 Now I was going to show you a picture of the laundry bag but that is the one that Michelle just happened to forget to photograph!  Doh!
Naomi also received a lovely thank you for the quilts she sent off 
from the ladies at the Berry Uniting Church.
Hi Naomi,

My name is XXXXXXX , I’m in the Air Force based in Townsville North Queensland.  This is my second deployment, however my first deployment with the Army.  It’s also my first time to Egypt, which I’m really excited about.     I’ve only been here for approximately two weeks and so far I’m really enjoying the experience and the guys and girls in the Australian contingent are all fantastic.

In the first couple of days I was here I was given one of your parcels with the quilt in it. I want to thank you so much for the lovely gesture. I absolutely love the quilt and it will get a lot of use in the winter as I’m told it gets pretty cold here. I think it’s amazing that you send your parcels, it’s a really wonderful thing that you do and I can assure you, it’s very much appreciated by us all.

Again Naomi, thank you very much and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Kindest Regards, 
Well, that is it for me tonight.
Till next time………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!