and I have no idea how many to go but here is our first little girly quilt nine patch!
This one is by Sue from SA.  Pretty!
I also received some great pictures from Kathy in Tassie.  She has made 16 laundry bags
added in some goodies all neatly packaged

 packed them into boxes and sent them off.
Good job Kathy.
And speaking of laundry bags I spent today adding patches to eleven laundry bags I cut out yesterday.  These are my latest super cheap fabrics.  I have to say these were fun to choose and made me smile just looking at some of them.  The corn, mushrooms and cucumber were destined to be aprons in Ireland for the International Charity Bazaar that my girlfriend runs each year but this year we decided not to do aprons.  So, I reckon they make distinctive laundry bags!
I just hope the right bag goes to the right personality.  Butch bull dogs for a butch bloke and cool as a cucumber for the debonair guy or the ones with grace under pressure and the bald guy gets the curly fries!  ot sure what the corn and the mushrooms would say!

I really like the camo animals.  My son glanced at the fabric, said “cool” and then did a double take! Ha Ha.

All ready for our sew-a-thon tomorrow!
Caz is coming back for a days’ sewing – I wonder how many we will get done this time!  Is there anyone else in Sydney that would like to join in on some regular Aussie Heroes sewing days?  I am planning to schedule regular ones every second Monday starting April 30.  Save that date if you are interested.  
Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!